Pioneering “corporate university” style market-oriented training institutions

By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

Kangxin-Zone IP Consulting Ltd. (Kangxin-Zone) hosted the “Kangxin-Zone China IP Seminar” from May 4th to 8th 2014 in Beijing. Overseas IP practitioners from several different countries took part in the seminar, which was centered on IP matters in China, including a comprehensive IP overview: how to draft patent applications, patent enforcement and reexamination, trademark prosecution and litigation, etc.

China IP got a better understanding of the practice areas of Kangxin-Zone an after hour’s interview at the seminar. Kangxin-Zone, since its founding in 2009, has teamed up with outstanding agencies for online platform building and resources integration to enhance its value in the IP training area. It not only provides training for the staff of IP agencies to improve their professionalism and competitiveness, but also provides open courses and customized courses for other institutions, organizations and individuals. Meanwhile, it cooperates with universities in IP education and actively organizes seminars and salons within the IP industry.

Clients of Kangxin-Zone range from staff of IP agencies to their clients and partners, as well as from individuals to businesses. Their training covers a variety of aspects of IP, including patent and trademark matters, IP management and specialized IP training sessions. Apart from the traditional face-to-face trainings, Kangxin-Zone also has online training sessions. It has taken the lead in the IP training within the industry after years of continuous improvements and innovations.

In an interview with China IP, Jia Yifeng, an executive director of Kangxin-Zone, said its serial courses and specialized courses have accounted for a large proportion of their success and are different from other short-term training. The contents of the courses are a result of comprehensive and systematic planning. The systematic learning will enhance the trainees’ practical knowledge or skills. Considering the constraints of person training, Kangxin-Zone has built an online training platform to meet clients’ demand, and has laid a solid foundation of webcast courses and online video courses. Clients from different regions have shown a great interest in these online trainings, which makes it more convenient adequately and economically train employees.

Mr. Jia said the “corporate university” style market-oriented trainings may have been more suitable for large IP agencies in the past, but nowadays it is also applicable and very convenient for small and medium-sized IP agencies with the increasingly mature technologies for modern network and e-learning. The e-college, or “a campus without boundaries,” consists of online courses and networking solutions. The e-college makes full use of modern information technologies and is capable of quickly building an e-learning platform for training and management expertise. It can also provide a package of standardized solutions for enterprise management and staff professionals. An e-college is a virtual classroom, where information terminals are used to select and carry out training and management. For small and mediumsized IP agencies, such an approach is cost-effective, highly efficient and pragmatic. Mr. Jia said that existing trade associations and enterprise associations are favorable resources for building a “corporate university” style market-oriented training institution. Trade associations or federations may join up to form an alliance and establish a marketoriented training institution. Such an alliance could thereby reduce their separate investment costs and push training products and features tailor-made to meet the development needs of those allied enterprises. In the meanwhile, the market-oriented operation can guarantee fair and reasonable costs and yields for each enterprise.

After several years of practice, Kangxin-Zone has massed a substantial amount of practical and effective training experience. Mr. Jia said “China’s IP industry will see great development in the future. As a Chinese saying goes, ‘food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses.’ Likewise talent training ought to be prominently featured by businesses to meet their future development needs. There is no doubt that each IP agency needs to train its staff and professionals, which is more urgent now than ever in the industry. Therefore, in the current circumstances of IP agency services, Kangxin-Zone expects to blaze a trail and through its practical experience become a leader in the IP training business.”

(Translated by Wang Hongjun)


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