The 6th China IP International Annual Forum Successfully Concluded Internationalization Becomes the Highlight

By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

  The 6th China IP International Annual Forum & 2016 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China, jointly organized by China IP Magazine, China Daily IPR Channel and Hurrymedia Co., Limited was successfully held in Beijing from January 23 to 24, 2016.
  Themed with “IP Route and Strategy: Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises”, the 6th China IP International Annual Forum lasted for two full days, with a training program on the second day. It has invited distinguished guests and speakers including government officials, scholars, in-house IP managers, lawyers, practitioners from IP service agencies worldwide and had attracted approximately 400 IP practitioners.
  Highlighting Internationalization Either in participants or in topics setting, internationalization has become the most outstanding character of this year’s Annual Forum, which also makes it different from the previous Annual Forums. Delegates from US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Indonesia, India attended the Forum.
  Qu Sanqiang, Dean of Law School of Beijing Institute of Technology, Standing Vice Chairman of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Association; Ma Hao, Vice Chairman of International Association For The Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI); Fernando dos SANTOS, Chairman of African Regional Industrial Property (ARIPO); Tom Duke, Senior IP Officer of British Embassy Beijing,delivered the opening remarks.
  Zhou Yan, Deputy Director of Beijing Intellectual Property Office was the moderator of the morning session “Forum of China IP Management Trend”. Lyu Guoliang, Associate Director of WIPO China Office; Lei Xiaoyun, Director of Patent Management Division, State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO);Du Changhui, Chief Judge of Case-filing Tribunal of Beijing Intellectual Property Court and Huang Yong, Director at the Competition Law Center of University of International Business and Economics gave their in-depth understanding on “WIPO in the Global IP Services”; “Patent Operation Promote Innovation and Development”; “IP Cases Guidance”, and “Reflections on IP and Antitrust” respectively.
  Besides, Fu Tong, Vice President and General Counsel of QIHU360 shared opinions on “An Internationalized IP Protection Strategy in the Internet Era” based on QIHU 360’s practice. Zhu Jia, Vice President of China Reading Limited analyzed the “IP Trends in the Nationwide Reading Era”. Zhong Jingheng, Chief Intellectual Property Operating Officer of Sinofaith IP Group in Shanghai gave his understanding on “IP Operation and Application of Financial Tools”, which is also a hot debated topic at present. A speech themed with “Is the Spring of IP Industry Coming” from Mu Hong, CEO of Chofn Intellectual Property Agency Co., LTD had aroused great responds from the audience. Timothy J Kelly, Partner of Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto (U.S.) introduced “Key US Trademark Issues: Significance and Implications for Chinese Companies”.
  Speakers’ professional thoughts and practical sharing had enlightened the high recognition.
  “Practice on IP Management of Foreign Enterprises” session, moderated by Qu Xiaoyang, Director of Corporate Intellectual Property of Siemens Ltd., China (Germany), had invited professionals from government, enterprises and law firms to share their IP management and protection experience during internationalization. Meanwhile the session also focused on skill enhancement and s e l f value realization of IP managers.
  Ma Yufeng, Patner of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (U.S.); Ren Feng, IP Director of Panasonic Corporation of China (Japan); Jean- Baptiste BARBIER, IP Counsellor of French Embassy, Beijing (France) gave speech on “How can In-house Avoid Risks in Evidence Discovery in U.S.
  Litigation” “IP Practice of Panasonic” and “Government involved in IP: the case of the Sovereign Patent Fund” respectively.
  The “Practice on IP Management of Chinese Enterprises” session had invited Xie Hainan, Vice President and IP Director of LETV; Shi Xiaobai, CEO of ANXUN Technology; Yu Yanhua, General Counsel of Opple Lighting(China); Wu Tong, Vice President of Iptalent Consulting Co., LTD. Beijing. They are all typical Chinese enterprises and IP service agencies, and had shared their advanced IP management & operation concepts and practical experience.
  The Forum also held a Panel Discussion session, moderated by Zhang Boyou, Head of Industry Promotion Division of Beijing Intellectual Property Office, representatives from IP Alliances in different industries discussed issues related to these IP alliances and the IP operation of different industries.
  Guest speakers are Liu Xuefei, Automobile Industry Intellectual Property Alliance; Yang Xiaoli, China Integrated Circuit Intellectual Property Alliance; Zhang Tao, New-antibiotics Industry Intellectual Property Alliance; Wu Xiaolei, Intelligent Voice Industry Intellectual Property Alliance.
  Awarding Ceremony, Building the “Oscars” of the IP Industry As one of the major events of the Forum, the Awarding Ceremony is always under the spotlight and has drew high attention of the entire IP industry. In the past years, a number of IP scholars, in-house IP managers and people from IP service agencies had won a variety of IP awards. The awards of this year’s Forum include 2015 Outstanding Inhouse IP Managers in China; 2015 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China; 2015 Most Influential Innovative IP Enterprise in China; 2015 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China; Extraordinary Contributors of China IP Magazine; 2015 China IP Most Influential People.
  Moreover, it is worth to mention that, the unveiling ceremony of“Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service” (AGIPS) was held.
  Co-initiated by China IP Magazine and China Daily IPR Channel, AGIPS aims to provide a global platform for IP service institutions on information exchange, experience sharing and business cooperation by organizing activities for mutual benefits with high quality service.
  Panel discussion session themed with “Industry IP Alliance and Patent Operation” Xie Hainan Shi Xia Yu Yanhua Wu Tong 2015 IP Judicial Precedent Training “Typical IP Judicial Precedent Training” was held on the second day of the Forum on January 24, by presenting practical cases, the training covered IP risks and countermeasures for Chinese enterprises doing overseas business and vice versa. Tutors including Zhang Xuejun, Deputy Chief Judge of Third Civil Division, Guangdong Higher People’s Court; Xu Feng, 1-4: Awarding of 2015 Outstanding In-house IP Managers in China 5: Awarding of 2015 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China 6: 2015 Most Influential Innovative IP Enterprise in China 7: Establishment of Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service (AGIPS) 8-9: 2015 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China 10: Extraordinary Contributors of China IP Magazine 11-13: 2015 China IP Most Influential People (Fu Tong, Zhu Jia, Zhang Chu) Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto; Ma Yufeng, Partner of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP; Zhang Yaqiao, Partner of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP; Li Binglin, Vice President of Chofn Intellectual Property Agency Co.,LTD; Ma Weili, Senior Patent Agent of Chofn Intellectual Property Agency Co.,LTD; Shi Bisheng, Adjunct Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Doctor of Laws; Rui Songyan, Judge of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, gave profound analysis to the typical IP cases in 2015.
  Reviewing the previous annual forums, every forum had left deep impression and pleasant memory to the participants, this year’s annual forum is even more successful with high appraisal and recognition of the entire IP industry.
  (Translated by Emily Tan)

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