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  1. Vanke
  According to Vanke, the new identity has been in line with the international prevailing design, and reflected the corporate trend in internationalization and making full use of global resources. The new identity has fresh and gentle lines and style, which has indicated that Vanke will approach clients with even more refined and modest posture. Yu Liang, the CEO of China Vanke, said that the new identity has simplified the previous figure for the purpose to coordinate with the corporate requirement to transform to urban service package provider.
  2. MG
  Mask MG Mask released a new Logo on May 18, 2015, which was designed by Kenya Hara, the Art Director of MUJI, integrating his concept of simple aesthetic design.The new logo has transformed the typeface on the initial base, and the English letter abbreviation of MG has still been highlighted. The difference is that the letter combination of “mG” has become lower case “mg”, and the originally slim typeface thickened to present more imposing vision perception. In addition, “magic moment” is added behind the original logo “MG”.This detail has disclosed the future expect of L'Oreal Group on MG brand - - focused on mask section
  3. Meizu
  After using the former logo for 12 years, Maizu published its new logo on September 23 of 2015. The new logo is more compact with sans-serif typeface, and the gradual changing effect from bold to thin has been abandoned. After introducing investment from Ali, the pace of Maizu has been accelerated obviouslyMaizu has abandoned the strategy of single product line, and tried to open new space of consuming group. Maizu has released a high-end sub-brand “Pro”, which had been deliberated for a long time, and tried to open the market of high-end domestic set. Maizu changed its logo at the occasion of introducing highend set, which is also a part of strategy adjusting its brand. It is declaring itself as a mobile brand of full line products instead of the name of low-end set.
  4.Lenovo Group
  The new logo of Lenovo has abandoned the italic design, which has been adopted for twelve years, aimed to highlight the internationalized figure of Lenovo further. Lenovo expressed that the new logo has provided a new experience with more humanity, more attractiveness and consumer-centric, reflected the personality of Lenovo, and integrated the rich inheritance taking from various firms acquired and the initial innovation gene of the Company. Lenovo senior said that: “we want to give the people an image that the Company is spanning different areas and focused on internet with never-ending attitude, Let’s express such meanings with a new logo.”
  Yunda has renewed the visual design including its logo on the occasion of 16th anniversary. It was said that maintenance of yellow as main tune is due to the implication of enterprise presenting initiative and enthusiastic attitude toward the society. Blackness represents “strict self-discipline and austere manner on profession and safety.” In general, the Chinese character “达” has been developed into a graphics symbol accepted internationally. Going to the international stage is also the claim of this expressdelivery company changing identity since establishment in 1999. They had proposed international strategy in 2014, and begun to operate New York center.
  6. ZBJ.COM
  The domain name of zhubajia.com had been changed into ZBJ.COM by the end of 2015, and introduced the new VI and logo. The Chinese characters “猪八戒” have been adjusted with elaborate design with typeface slightly altered. The symbol “@” is used in the Chinese character “猪”.VI and logo would be used officially and fully on January 1 of 2016 to salute a flourishing 2016 with brand-new show.
  LeTV started using the new logo at its global brand meeting on January 12, 2016. “LeTV” in the original logo was simplified as “LE”, which had pandered to the tide of “simple design” in design, and the lines in red, blue, green and gray have built up the shape of LE. With detailing branches of LeTV, LeTV is not enough to represent the whole brand, thus the corporate abbreviation has became LeEco, which has the meaning of ecosphere.
  8.Suning E-commerce
  Suning Appliance was renamed as Suning Commerce since 2013, and it has been expanding on-line business.Suning E-commerce, the O2O retailing company of Suning, updated its logo in April of 2015. Suning said that the lion mouth in the new logo is actually the form of a cloud to express the business mode of Suning E-commerce consolidating off-line and on-line resources. Blue is abandoned due to strong sense of “electrification”. In addition, the domain name of Suning.com has changed from mixed cases to lower case to present more balanced vision. The new logo will be applied at online shop and physical stores. Suning E-commerce will also realize on-line and off-line unification as the retailing brand under Suning, and all off-line stores will use the brand of Suning E-commerce.
  Didi Taxi had changed its logo and even the name of application in September of 2015. This firm goes more than “taxi”, and extends to be a internet service platform with connection off-line.Didi Taxi has become Didi Travel, and the logo also has been changed into a headstand letter “D” with a corner missing from the original concrete taxi. Only simpler symbol can be more inclusive. However, this logo was questioned with suspicion of imitating Uber after release.
  Home Link was renamed as “LIANJIA” officially on June 30, 2015, and the new logo is enabled in the meanwhile. They also pushed out a strategy: to create a house property O2O platform of trillion grade leading in China. This is also the reason that they have taken off the “Home”. As compared to the former identity, the new identity give a brisker sense with lighter color and lower saturation. However, a little sense of depth has been lost. The new identity adopts design dominated by Chinese and English characters without figure. There is a dot between “LIANJIA” and “链家”, which is said as “symbolized connection to integrate on-line platform and off-line business”.
  Communications ZTE Communications announced officially on December 30, 2014 to start using the new corporate identity around the globe in 2015, and released brand-new brand slogan “future waits nobody”. This was the first time of ZTE to change identity since its establishment in 1985, which marked material changes of ZTE Communications in the future. The application of new identity in products all along the line would start in March of 2015 gradually, and it was anticipated to complete all task of identity change in a year.
  (Translated by Zeng Shuangquan)

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