Brand IP Service Agencies Explores Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei IP Strategies Gathering in Hebei

By Catherine Lee, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

From July 5-6, "Beijing-Tianjin- Hebei Jointly Promotes Synergic Development" Activity held by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. (SIPO) and organized by the intellectual property office of Heibei province, which gathered national brand IP service agencies in Heibei, ended successfully. Liu Jufang, the vice director of SIPO's Planning and Development Department; Gao Zhenfeng, the commissioner of Heibei provincial intellectual property office; Ge Qingmin, the vice mayor of Baoding municipality attended and addressed the launching ceremony, with the attendance of Li Zhong, the vice commissioner of Beijing municipal Intellectual Property Office; Guo Wenqiang, the leading Party Group member of Tianjin municipal intellectual property office; and Chang Shengmao, the vice commissioner of Heibei provincial intellectual property office. There were more than 150 people from municipal intellectual property offices of Hebei province, 18 national brand (cultivating) IP service agencies, relevant enterprises and public institutions of Hebei province, IP service agencies and media.
Liu Jufang stated in her speech, that the Party Central Committee and the State Council of China have paid high attention to the IP work in China and have laid out a new series of arrangements on the development of IP service industry. In December of the last year, General Secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi Jinping hosted the 30th Meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms. During the meeting, the General Planning of Establishing IP Pilots for Comprehensive IP Management and Reform was accepted after deliberation, emphasizing the importance of "Keeping the full chain of IP creation, application, protection, management and service consistent and complete". The State Council introduced the plan of major projects - the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan on National IP Protection and Application, coming up with the plan of "cultivating a scale of national brand IP service agencies with profession, market orientation and internationalization". The Outline of Innovative Development on Service Industry (2017-2025) also put forward the importance of developing IP service with great efforts. Xiong'an New Area of Hebei province will adopt and gather resources with innovative elements, focus on the development of the high-end and high-tech industry, highlight the features of high-tech, high-intelligence and less-pollution, cultivate the new motion and engine of innovative development and strive to be established as a leading area of innovation-driven development. The high-standard construction and innovative development the Xiong'an New Area will be ensured by the more strict IP protection and supported by high-quality IP service. The national brand IP service agencies are expected to fully explore the knowledge and demand, disseminate advanced idea, new-developed model and successful experiences in this Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint action. At the same time, the IP departments, innovation entities and industrial parks of Hebei province are expected to take this opportunity to strengthen communications, complete the sharing system of IP service in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei District, cultivate and develop the IP service industry, and promote the public to start businesses and the ordinary to make innovations, in order to form a new economic group with ecological priority and green growth, and make more contributions to the industrial transformation and promotion, growth in quality and efficiency of Hebei province.
Gao Zhenfeng noted in his speech, that in recent years, the Hebei provincial Party Committee and provincial government released programmatic documents successively, including the Opinions on Strengthening IP Protection and Application, the Opinions of Implementation on Accelerating the Construction of Powerful IP Provinces, the Decision on Accelerating Technology Innovation to Build an Innovative Hebei etc., which promoted the innovation and reform of the IP work and contributed to the great development of IP service industry.
He sincerely invited national brand IP service agencies to come to Hebei, take root in Hebei and even settle down in Hebei to help build a powerful IP province. He also hoped that municipalities and counties, industrial parks, service agencies, enterprises and public institutions in Hebei province could grasp the opportunity to learn from others, develop communications and activities vigorously, explore various cooperation model and play a better supporting and leading role of IP in promoting technology innovation and industry transformation.
Ge Qingmin said in his speech that Baoding municipality actively grasped the dominant strategic opportunity of the synergic development in Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei District, forcefully advanced the comprehensive innovation with the core of technology innovation. Insisting on the high-end leading and innovation-driven guiding strategy of the city, and relying on innovation to accelerate the transformation of economic development methods, Baoding municipality actively created a strong atmosphere of "starting businesses by the public and making innovations by the people", built a demonstrative base for the technology and innovation results in Beijing and Tianjin with full efforts, a national innovation-driven demonstrative municipality towards the whole world and a high-end leading community with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei district's synergic innovation, in order to provide a strong technology support for Beijing- Tianjin-Baoding district to make a leading interactive development and building an innovation-driven city with strong economy. Baoding will take this opportunity to further complete the system, optimize the environment, improve the quality and connect the work between different agencies, ensuring the perfect construction of the powerful IP municipality.
There are 4 parts in this activity including Speech of national brand IP service agencies, Negotiation between brand IP service agencies and enterprises and public institutions, Communication and Discussion between brand IP service agencies and local agencies, and Brand Agencies' Research into Baoding Hightech zone.
Speeches of national brand IP service agencies 
During the activity of "Speech of national brand IP service agencies", representatives from 4 brand agencies including Tianjin Binhai Kewei IP Agency, China Patent Technology Development Co., KANGXIN PARTNERS P.C., Shijiazhuang Gowell IP Law Agency, having speeches to share experience with the themes of "how to improve the core competitiveness using IP", "the application of IP information analysis in the operation of business", "IP pre-warning and risk hedge against infringement" and "the supporting function of IP service in the powerful IP province".
Zheng Cong, the business director of Tianjin Binhai Kewei IP Agency introduced the development and protection of IP in Tianjin, the target of constructing a powerful IP Tianjin municipality, the innovation index of China in 2017 and other data, indicated that the medium-sized and small enterprises are the main innovation force of China, emphasizing and analyzing the way of medium-sized and small enterprises to improve the core competitiveness by using IP. She compared the traditional innovative entity with the new innovative entity, pointing out that the former is more conservative, imaginative while the latter is more open, inclusive and aggressive. The traditional one acquires the strategic resources in the market by IP, and the new one explores the new market relying on the patent technology development.
Wu Wei, the deputy genera l manager of China Patent Technology Development Co. briefly introduced the features of patent information, including timeliness, fidelity, scientificalness, high integration of information etc., illustrated by examples the value of patent information to the innovative development of enterprises, and explained different application methods of patent information. He noted that patent pre-warning would help enterprises to prevent from work repetition patent dispute and other risks. What's more, he put forward the micro patent navigation with the basic idea of product upgrading, technology upgrading and patent operation, which will help the enterprises to transform and upgrade.
Huang Xiangcheng, the partner of KANGXIN PARTNERS P.C. interpreted by examples IP pre-warning and risk hedge against infringement in technology innovation. He said that enterprises should attack and defense in the IP strategy at a proper time: to apply for an earlier "patent like a spear" aiming at any possible solutions to improve the loophole in their competitors' technology/product; to apply for a "patent like a shield" aiming at the improving parts for fixing the loopholes of the enterprises' patent which has fallen within the protection scope of the competitors' patent. He analyzed and made a comparison in technology innovation process among three types of enterprises in detail, including research and market development type, maturity-degree allocation type and the technological commercial type. Huang Xiangcheng believed that a proper use of IP will develop into a tool with great advantages to help the enterprises develop rapidly, which can be proved by a company that successfully launched its IPO by using IP.
Finally, Zhao Jinglian, general manager of Shijiazhuang Gowell IP Law Agency delivered a speech with the theme of "the supporting function of IP service in building a powerful IP province". As an IP agency in Hebei province, he summarized the fundamental IP policy, background and target, talent support and other information of Hebei, stressed that improving patent quality and protecting the interests of innovation subjects is the basic support for the construction of a powerful IP province. Taking Adidas and Nike as an example, he pointed out that although Nike has much more patent in application quantity than Adidas for a long time, the tide has been turned as Adidas focused on patent application in the recent years. The game between the two companies will depend on the game of patent. This case also reflected that patent application and layout is also an important strategy in the development of enterprises.
Communications between brand agencies and Hebei provincial enterprises and public institutions
During the Symposium of Political Environment Recommendation and Brand IP Services Communication, the leading Party Group member of Tianjin municipal intellectual property office Guo Wenqiang, the Division Chief of Beijing municipal intellectual property office Wang Dedao and the Division Chief of Hebei provincial intellectual property office Chen Xuefeng introduced related policies to support the IP service industry in the above three districts. The general manager of Beijing SUNSHINE IP Agency Zhang Jiangang, the general manager of Baoding Dawei Computer Software Development Co., Ltd. Pan Xiaomei. And the vice dean of Qixianqin Business College Ding Pu addressed keynote speeches to introduce the experience of brand construction. IP service sharing and cooperation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei district and other topics were discussed between brand agencies and local service agencies.
The heated discussions were developed during the "Beijing-Tianjin- Hebei Jointly Promotes Synergic Development" activity not only in the meeting venue, but also in the Negotiation activity and the Research activity.
In the "Negotiation between brand IP service agencies and enterprises and public institutions" activity, 18 national brand IP service agencies showed their products and service, negotiated with local enterprises and public institutions and provided public advisory service. In the "Brand Agencies' Research into Baoding High-tech zone" activity, brand agencies conducted field research into Baoding Zhongguancun Innovation Center, YINGLI Group and Great Wall Motor and answered questions about IP in the development of enterprises. On the spot, people not only saw the historical recording of the Innovation Center's reform with the steps of times, the amazing change of YINGLI Group from a small company selling cosmetics to a worldwide famous group, or Great Wall Motor's giant robot arms and the automatic assembly line highlighting modern intelligence, but also the affirmation of and confidence towards the stable development of economy and innovation in Hebei province.
To implement the deployments of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Synergic Development, "One Belt One Road", the Yangtze River Economic Zone and other strategies and support the implementation of the strategy "starting businesses by the public and making innovations by the people", SIPO successively held a series of activities connecting brand agencies and local economic development in Tianjin, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Qingdao, Henan and Chongqing at the request of local intellectual property offices, attracting nearly 1,000 enterprises and public institutions in total, promoting a certain number of cooperation and achieving actual results. This activity in Baoding, Hebei is the 9th connecting activities held by the SIPO and more activities are expected to be held.

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