Chinese Police and the U.S. FBI Jointly Uncovered an Extraordinarily Serious Case of Trans-border Piracy Crime

2007/08/01,Xinhua network,[Copyright]

On July 6-16, the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC and the U.S. FBI launched a joint action under the code name "the Summer Solstice," and successfully uncovered two extraordinary criminal cases concerning trans-border manufacturing and sale of pirated software.

Gao Feng, the Deputy Director-General of the Investigation Department of Economic Crimes said that, Chinese public security organizations have arrested 25 criminal suspects, captured 22 pirated mother disks, a total of 360, 000 pirated software disks, certificates of authentic works, labels of authenticity, and frozen and sealed funds, vehicles and house property valued at more than RMB60 million in the case. Meanwhile, the U.S. FBI has enforced 24 search warrants and attachments, ferreted out pirated software valued at more that US$ 2 million, confiscated more than US$700, 000 in assets, with the arrest of criminal suspects to be carried out gradually. At present, these two cases are still under further investigation.



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