Measures for Reproduction Management Issued

Issue 31 By Zhu Shan,[Copyright]

To boost management and impel a healthy development of China’s reproduction sector, the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) has worked out the Measures for Reproduction Management, in accordance with the Regulations on Publication Management and the Regulations on Administration of Audio-visual Products, which is implemented on August 1. The Measures for the Management of the Reproduction of Audio-visual Products, which were published by the GAPP on February 1, 1996, were abolished simultaneously. If other provisions on publication management have discrepancies, The Measures for Reproduction Management shall prevail.

The Regulations on Administration of Audio-visual Products regulates only the reproduction of audio-visual products. In this correction, considering the integrity and unity of the reproduction sector, especially the reproduction of computer software and the rapid development of recordable CDs in recent years, it provides stricter controls on the reproduction industry.

The newly-issued Measures nail down several key concepts like “Reproduction Business Activity”; making clear the conditions for establishing reproduction units, modification of jurisdictions, and procedures of approval; identify management requirements of reproduction manufacturing equipment; strengthen the supervision and administration of reproduction business activity; and perfect relevant legal responsibilities and a “black list” system. The licenses of law-breaking units will be revoked, and their legal representatives and principals cannot assume leadership of any reproduction unit for ten years after the revocation of their business licenses.

Source: China Press and Publishing Journal

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