The North Face and Vans Target 831 Domain Names

The North Face and Vans Target 831 Domain Names


Shoe brand?Vans?and sportswear company?The North Face?are seeking to tackle an “explosion” of online counterfeiters in a lawsuit which lists 831 domain names.
The California-based brands, which are both owned by?VF Corporation, filed a complaint for trademark infringement, counterfeiting, false designation of origin, cybersquatting, and unfair competition at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Thursday, June 14.
The 831 domain names are registered in multiple countries and backed by unknown individuals and business entities.The 831 defendants are distributing goods “using counterfeits and confusingly similar imitations” of the California brands’ trademarks through “fully interactive commercial internet websites and supporting domains”, according to the suit.
Products bearing “exact copies” of the marks owned by the VF companies are being sold to American consumers via the domain names listed. said.
The VF brands asked the court to award temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctions against the defendants, as well as enjoining them from participating in their “illegal” marketplaces.
In addition, the VF brands are seeking triple damages or statutory damages of $2 million from each defendant, as well as damages for cybersquatting and attorneys’ fees.
Source: trademarksandbrandsonline

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