The Most Valuable IP Enterprises in China (2014)

By China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

Beijing Zhigu Ruituo Technology Services Co., Ltd.
The main reason why Zhigu has attracted attention from both IP insiders and outsiders is that it has brought together a group of scientists from leading multinational companies and professionals with rich experience in IP operation. Zhigu’s motto “We firmly believe invention is an important source of value creation,” which is printed on every employee’s business card, reveals its core values and corporate strategy. Zhigu has explored a unique business model, positioning itself as an assets operation company invests in innovation and IP. With its two main business innovation investment and patent operation, Zhigu links the patent mining to patent aggregation, patent transformation and patent operation, making it an integrate value chain.

Sinofaith IP Group
Sinofaith IP Group is dedicated to providing one-stop professional IP protection services. Serving as a model for high-tech services, it has developed into the largest domestic professional IP protection institution and the well-deserved leader of this industry thanks to its business innovation and the continuous extension of its production chain. With professional outsourced services, management consulting, and information services, Sinofaith has provided “onestop” IP protection solutions for a total of over 200 different transnational enterprises and well-known domestic enterprises, including GE, Philips, HP, Samsung, etc., covering automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, chemical, pharmaceutical, IT and many other industries. Sinofaith has also delivered IP services to governmental departments, international organizations, industrial associations, and others.


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