Outstanding IP Management Teams in China (2014)

By China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

Established in 2006, NMC IP Department is responsible for the company’s entire IP work. It initiated the IP strategy of putting IP management throughout the whole process of the corporate management. After years of effective implementation and exploration, NMC IP team established systematic IP management system, creating IP management mode in the R & D process, and setting up the IP information platform. The IP team realized the three-level approve of invention scheme by means of patent-oriented electronic approval process, built the internal examination and approval mechanism with traceability as well as the overall evaluation method for law, market and technique of three levels and ten dimensions, designed corporate internal patent database with the key technology and components as the index, and finally directed NMC to develop into the first batch of patent demonstration enterprises of Beijing and the national patent pilot enterprises. The NMC IP Department has also cultivated more than ten professional IP practitioners.
Foton IP Team
Since its establishment in 1996, Foton’s IP work has developed from scratch and gone through years of exploration and improvement. Up to now, Foton formed ten functional modules, including comprehensive administrative management, process management, six patent service groups, trademark and copyright service groups, and owned over 20 onthe- job professional IP personnel for now. Foton attaches great importance to IP by considering IP from the level of corporate strategy, which creates good condition for the IP team to launch the IP work. Foton IP team develops the trademark registration strategy from original protective registration to defensive registration, from domestic registration to global registration, from creation to operation, from protection to offence; trademark management also turns from the basis service of trademark registration to a full range of trademark management covering trademark search, registration, early warning, enforcement and operation. In 2013, the brand value of Foton reached 67.127 billion yuan, ranking No.4 in the auto industry and No.1 in the commercial vehicle field.
Gree Intellectual Property Management Group
Founded in 2007, G r e e I P management group includes about 50 members up to now, of whom 27 are patent agents. Gree IP management group takes charge of its IP application, maintenance, enforcement and operation. Hitherto, it has filed over 14,000 applications, and instigated more than 50 invalidation proceedings and litigations in which success rate is approximately 90%. A set of outstanding IP talents cultivation system has been established echoing with China’s patent status quo. Each patent manager in the group is a compound talent possessing a high cognition for technology, and has the capability of offering strong support for corporate R & D. The group founded the first anti-infringement network in China’s electrical appliances industry, in a bid to crack down the trademark infringement. Gree is the only enterprise in the air conditioner field having obtained China Patent Award for five consecutive years, the total number of awards and invention patent awards coming first in the industry.
Huawei IPR Team
Huawei IPR Department, founded in 1996, comprises over 300 IP professionals, and has set up local teams in Europe, the U.S., etc. The Department is in charge of Huawei’s global IP applications, licensing, litigation, transactions and any other IP issue for many years, and earns wide recognition with years of excellent practices. The patent quality and its commercial value are the key to the development of Huawei’s IP strength. Each year Huawei invests no less that 10% of the sales revenue on the R & D with nearly half of the staff working on it. The constantly accumulated IP strength obtained from the research and innovation results based on customer needs and the effective operation of patent quality management system makes it possible that tens of millions of dollars’ budget can be used to improve patents with high quality and value. For now, Huawei has constructed core patent package ranking the first in the industry in many communication mainstream technology fields. Moreover, Huawei has reached cross licenses with over ten patent holders, and has always complied with the industry routines and international rules, all of which creates good environment for Huawei’s global development.
Honeywell China IP Team
Honeywell China IP team assists Honeywell to manage the IP issues in China and North Asia region. The team’s performance provides powerful protection for Honeywell’s IP and business development in China, and had won a majority of recognition and awards. The team provides legal support for all Honeywell’s China-related businesses, such as the IP contract, merge and acquisition, IP license and assignment, and other businesses (for example, Honeywell functions as the largest supplier in Chinese C919 jumbo jet project), and helps produce huge economic returns. Honeywell takes an active attitude in China to protect its IP, cracks down all kinds of counterfeiting products and infringement behaviors through close collaboration with local law enforcement and judicial organs. Honeywell China IP team has created and carried out effective rights protection strategies, dealt with hundreds of IP disputes in the past seven years, and tracked down hundreds of thousands of counterfeiting products. IP rights protection of Honeywell has been widely accepted in the IP industry as well as won a number of awards of national and local best cases.
Actions IPR & Legal Team
To face the challenges in the development of China’s semiconductor industry, and exploit a great prospect by integrating strategic cooperation partners, Actions set up a subsidiary in June 2014 – Actions (Zhuhai) Technology Co. Ltd. (Actions (Zhuhai)), the IP and Legal Department of Actions has been entirely transferred to Actions (Zhuhai), which is responsible for all the IP and legal businesses of the entire Actions Group including Actions (Zhuhai). Actions’ IP work has got wide acceptance and recognition from all parties after years’ efforts of its IP management team. In October of 2014, Actions IPR & Legal team actively promoted the establishment of Zhuhai Intellectual Property Protection Association in a bid to make contribution to the IP development in Zhuhai. By virtue of successful experience of dealing with the IP litigation in overseas, thorough IP system, rigorous IP risk control mechanism, growing IP storage, plus the unremitting efforts and promotion of Actions IPR & Legal team, Actions will definitely go further on the way of IP construction.
LeTV Legal Team
LeTV is the world’s first IPO listed company in the video industry, and also the only China’s A-share listed video company. After years of development, LeTV has accomplished the LeTV ecosystem of “Platform+Content+Term inal+Application.” Under the leadership of Director Liu Xiaoqing, along with the high concern from the company’s management to legal risk control, LeTV legal team grows constantly, members from few to many, competence from weak to strong, business collaboration from easy to difficult, legal protection growing comprehensively, and in line with other departments to help the establishment of LeTV eco-legal system, all of which has provided professional and effective legal services for LeTV. Up to now, there is more than 20 staff in the LeTV Legal Department. With the framework of completely fitting for LeTV’s ecosystem, LeTV Legal Department is divided into several parts of internal audit, supervision, rights protection, trademark, and overseas. The part of internal audit conducts the professional labor division centering on the LeTV ecosystem of content, platform, terminal and application. The growth of LeTV legal team reflects the company’s cultural concepts, spirits and business soul, and obtains high attention and evaluation from all walks of life.
Tsingtao Brewery IP Group
The IP management work of Tsingtao Brewery is under the charge of Legal Affairs Headquarter and with its deputy director as the principle of IP issues. As the traditional manufacturing industry and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry of high competition, the trademark takes the key position in the IP strategy and even the development strategy of Tsingtao Brewery. Especially since 2004, Tsingtao Brewery confirmed the “strategy of brand driving development,” with “becoming an international company with global influence brand” as its vision. Thus, the IP work of Tsingtao Brewery focuses on the trademark and aims to build comprehensive IP protection system. The IP team is growing together with the brand of Tsingtao Brewery, and will continue to support the company’s brand expanding.
360 IP Team
360 IP team, established in 2012, is a new rising star among the counterparts of enterprise IP management. The team so far comprises over ten professional staff with rich IP-related work experience, respectively from famous domestic IT companies, foreign enterprises, foreign-related patent law firms as well as SIPO, which ensure the formulation and implementation of the company’s IP strategy. Under the leadership of qualified attorneys well versed in the legal field of the Internet enterprises, the IP team accumulated thousands of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intangible assets within three years. Up to now, 360 has become the fastest growing entity in terms of IPR in the Internet field. 360 IP team tries every bit of efforts to offer significant support for the company’s business, determined to deter patents infringement, and damage to its trademark reputation. Moreover, 360 has expressed to SIPO the strong demand for the interface appearance protection in China’s software industry and the status quo of the world’s Internet development, and promoted the introduction of the related policies on the GUI design patent protection.
Tencent IP Team
Tencent IP team, combining the development trend in the Internet industry with the demand for the development of the company, is keeping to adjust the IP management strategy, taking these changes and development step by step into all aspects of the company. Following the internationalization of Tencent, its IP work is not only involved in the domestic area, but also extended overseas. Tencent now possesses a total of over 30,000 trademarks, domain names, patents and copyrights both at home and abroad. Through unremitting exploration and efforts, Tencent IP team has formulated a management mode that is flexible, instructive, highly procedural and systematic, and experienced in the aspects of strategy for risks, inner control system and the system, process, organization and intelligence of risk management, provided comprehensive and integral protection scheme for the IP risk management of the company. In China, Tencent IP team for now is one of the few integrated management teams which can deal with large numbers of and complex IP legal affairs in a large-scale way.
CMRI IPR and Law Team
The Research Institution of China Mobile |(CMRI) IPR and Law team is composed of IP researchers, managers and technical experts from various industries, many of whom have masters’ degrees or higher, years of experience in corporate IP management and industrial research, with the research covering industrial patent tracking investigation, patent application and maintenance, the relation between patent and technological standard, IP risk analysis and prevention, contract review, etc. Around relevant project and China Mobile’s own business, CMRI is striving to conduct patent layout: starting from the basic patents of the business, filing a certain number of patents along with the business improvement and the expansion of the business application scenario and finally forming a certain scale of patent portfolio. Now CMRI has obtained cumulatively about 2,000 domestic invention patents and about 1,000 patents internationally. The patent quality has been largely improved on the basis of the sustained growth in patent numbers. CMRI has a batch of international standard-related basic patents, and plenty of “basic patents” in the aspects of key business and network technology of China Mobile. Therefore, China Mobile’s patent competition advantages have been elevated comprehensively and constantly.
ZTE & IPR Team
ZTE & IPR Department, the core department of the company’s organization system, is in charge of IP accumulation, risk control, operation and competition, and implements the decision of the company’s IPR Strategy Committee. Since 1996, all ZTE IP practitioners were leading the IP market competition, having timely, real and rich experience of IP competition at home and abroad, thus cultivating the fullbodied IP culture in ZTE and forging batches of IP elites. Over 100 staff in ZTE & IPR Department, mainly born in 1970s and 1980s, is active and passionate, and proficient in English, laws and foreign customs, 80% of them are qualified national patent agents and attorneys. Each team member, the significant new force for ZTE as well as the IP industry, can work independently in all kinds of IP disputes.

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