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PPLive Sued MoliTV for Playing In the Name of People Without Authorization
The plaintiff PPLive Inc. sued to the Haidian People's Court that the defendant Beijing Moli Interaction Technology Co., Ltd. provided the public play online service of the involved TV play In the Name of People without authorization in the MoliTV owned and operated by the defendant, infringing the exclusive right to network dissemination of the above TV play legally owned by the plaintiff. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant should stop infringement, make compensation for the loss and reasonable cost for stopping the infringement, RMB 500 thousand in total. Currently, the case is still in farther cognizance.
Tencent Successfully Regains 139 Domain Names
In April, expert team of Hong Kong Office of Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center made a decision of a domain name dispute between the trademark holder of "Tencent", "WECHAT" and "QQ" — Tencent (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. and the involved domain name holder (Natual person Mr. Zhou). The expert team decided that they're in favor of Tencent's claims and transfer all of the 139 involved domain names to Tencent.
Meituan Claimed to Compensate RMB 500 Thousand for Infringing Xiabuxiabu's Trademark
Famous catering company Xiabuxiabu Restaurant Co., Ltd. (Xiabuxiabu) found that during its operation, Wuhan Municipal Babubabu Hot Pot Restaurant (Babubabu) sold Hot Pot set meal coupon and voucher in the name of "Babubabu" in meituan.com owned by Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. (Sankuai), which confused consumers and made consumers believe that the service provided by Babubabu has connections with Xiabuxiabu, infringing the exclusive trademark right of Xiabuxiabu. Therefore, Xiabuxiabu sued Sankuai and Babubabu to Haidian People's Court for RMB 500 thousand compensation.
Tencent Music and Universal Music Reaches an Strategic Copyright Cooperation Agreement
On May 16, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Universal Music Group reached the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Digital Copyright Distribution in China Mainland, jointly developing the music market in China in the future. Tencent Music will become the only partner of Universal Music's distribution business in China Mainland. Henceforth, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music three biggest music group in the world have all achieved strategic copyright cooperation with Tencent Music.
CCTV Sue s I f eng Vedio for Copyright Infringement of VOICE
CCTV International Network Co., Ltd. sued Beijing Tian Ying Jiu Zhou Internet Technology Co., Ltd. to the court for the latter's playing VOICE ( 开讲啦) without CCTV's authorization. CCTV claimed that the defendant should stop the copyright infringement of disseminating the involved program through Internet immediately and compensate RMB 1.15 mil lion for the plaintiff's economic loss. The Haidian People's court has accepted the case.
Kingsoft Office Faces 5 Infringement Disputes at the Moment of IPO
Beijing Kingsoft Office Software which developed WPS Office is preparing it's IPO. However, China Securities Regulatory Commission pre-revealed Kingsoft' s prospectus, which indicated that Kingsoft was involved with 5 infringement disputes at present. Foxit Software Incorporated., the plaintiff of the above 5 disputes, is a listed company in the New OTC (Over the Counter) Market, which handling R&D, applications, sales and service of electronic document PDF' score technology. The ultimate owner of Kingsoft is Lei Jun, who will own another company appeared on the market if Kingsoft succeeds in IPO.
The Trial of "The Voice of China" Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case Starts
Talent Television and Film Co., Ltd. (Talent) appealed to Beijing Intellectual Property Court that Shanghai Can Xing Cultural Media Corporation and Shi Ji Li Liang (Beijing) Cultural Media Corporation used the program name and trademark sign of "The Voice of China" ( 中国好声音), leading to the confusion and misunderstanding of the public and constituting trademark infringement and unfair competition. Talent claimed for a compensation of RMB 500 million economic loss. Beijing Intellectual Property Court cross-examined the evidence produced by both sides and held a hearing on May 24.
All 8 Object ions of Jurisdiction Between AutoNavi and DiDi Unfair Case Rejected
AutoNavi Software Co. , Ltd. (AutoNavi Software) and AutoNavi Information Co., Ltd. (AutoNavi Information ) filed 8 unfair competition disputes against Beijing DiDi Wuxian Technology Co., Ltd. (DiDi), Beijing Xiaojukeji Technology Co., Ltd. (Xiaojukeji). DiDi and China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC) then submitted 8 objections of jurisdiction only to be rejected by the court of first instance without exception. DiDi and CIIC has lodged appeals, in which relevant objections of jurisdiction has been refered to the court of second instance for trial.
Evergrande Group v. Heng Da Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case Heard in Beijing
On May 22, Beijing Intellectual Property Court held hearings on the trademark infringement and unfair competition dispute case between Evergrande Group (plaintiff) and Beijing Heng Da Si Ji Auction Co., Ltd. (defendant). The plaintiff claimed that the defendant should stop any behaviors of trademark infringement and unfair competition, publish statements and make up RMB 3 million for the economic loss and RMB 94,620 for the reasonable cost of right protection. The case is still in a trial.
OPPO Ruled by the Court to Stop Unfair Competition of Popup Interception
When users download the software of Tencent Mobile Manager, OPPO will intercept the users' action, stop the operation of the software and lead flow into application store owned by OPPO. Tencent has submitted the application of behavior protection before litigation with regard to "being intercepted". The court held that OPPO's behavior constitutes unfair competition to Tencent and OPPO should stop the involved action at once.

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