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1.339 Million Invention Patent Applications Calculated
In 2016, there were 1.339 million invention patent applications, a year-on-year increase of 21.5%. Over 40,000 PCT applications were received and valid invention patent ownership exceeded 1 million. 3.691 million applications for trademark registration were received, up by 28.35%, ranking the first position in the world for consecutive 15 years. Valid registered trademarks reached 12.376 million by the end of 2016. There were 3,014 Madrid international trademark applications from domestic applicants, up by 29.8%. 1.599 million copyright for works and 407,000 software copyright were registered, increasing by 18.65% and 39.48% respectively.
The Licensing Number of New Varieties of Forestry Plants Reaches 1,198
According to the data of State Forestry Administration, by the end of 2016, China has licensed 1198 new varieties of forestry plants. In 2016, the State Forestry Administration accepted 400 applications of domestic and foreign variety right application, granted 195 new variety rights of plants. By the end of 2016, China in grand total has already received 2,188 applications for variety right of forestry plants, 827 geographical indications of forest products, and 5,231 copyright registrations of forest software.
Administrative Law Enforcement for Patent Reaches 49,000 
In 2016, administrative law enforcement cases for patent, trademark reached 49,000 and 32,000, up by 36.5% and 3.4%. Companies secured a total loan of 111.96 billion yuan by pledging their patent, trademark and copyright, up 20.17%, sources from the press conference of the State Council Information Office said. In 2016, China promoted the construction of itself into an IP powerhouse and many achievements have been seen in IP work.
Beijing Customs Has Seized $94,300 Counterfeit Goods in 2017
Beijing customs has seized more than 6,500 IP rights-violating products since the beginning of the year, with total value of 650,000 yuan ($94,300). The goods involved 41 famous brands in 14 categories, including shoes, bags, watches and electronics. The office has signed agreements with its Tianjin and Hebei peers to intensify regional cooperation. Last year, it seized more than 22,000 products in 1,800 batches, involving some 20 countries and regions.
Beijing and Other Four Regions Receive 107,011 IP Cases
In 2016, people’s courts in China have seen a huge increase in civil, administrative and criminal IP cases. The courts in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong received 107,011 IP cases in 2016, taking 70.37% in the total number of all courts in China, keeping a high record. Among them, Guangdong and Shanghai respectively saw a rise of 22.36% and 20.74% than 2015. Other provinces also improved in the number of IP cases, e.g. courts in Guizhou province have seen a 58.20% in new received IP cases on a year-on-year basis with the gradual promotion of urbanization.
83.18% IP Civil Case Settlement Rate in the Trial of First Instance in Peoples Courts of Different Levels
In 2016, People’s Courts of different levels in the trial of first instance received 136,534 IP civil cases and concluded 131,813 IP civil cases, up 24.82% and 30.09% than 2015 respectively. The rate of IP civil case settlement rate in the trial of first instance is 83.18%, with an increase of 0.52% on a year-on-year basis. At the same time, People’s Courts of different levels in the trial of second instance received 20,793 IP civil cases and concluded 20,334 IP civil cases, up 37.57% and 35.33% than 2015 respectively. 79 IP civil retrial cases has been received with a 31.30% decrease and 85 IP civil retrial cases have been settled with a 25.44% decrease. The Supreme People’s Court received and concluded 369 and 383 IP civil cases, remaining the same level with 2015 basically.

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