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By Yixiang Zhang, China IP,[Patent]


    Science and technology are often referred to as the shared language of all mankind, yet the communications of science and technology among countries and regions rely on the human languages that differ from each other. Patent translation is a business that construct a bridge to cross a river, and this professional bridge communicates the magnificent technological world at home and abroad. It has also led people worked for Sunyu to a new world where they can realize their dreams.
    Since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, China has played an increasingly important role in participation in economic globalization. Chinese companies that have gone abroad are eager to protect their intellectual property rights overseas, and foreign companies' demand for protecting their intellectual property rights in China has also grown rapidly. In this process, the first natural barrier faced by Chinese and foreign companies is the language. As a result, the market for patent translation services in China began to expand rapidly.
    In the same year that China entered the WTO, the five-year-old Jiangsu Sunyu Information Technology Co., Ltd., took the advantage of the trend, adjusted its business development direction in time, positioned itself in intellectual property outsourcing services, and established a patent translation service team.
Till now, the pioneer in those days has taken the lead in the field of patent translation services in China and has grown into a group enterprise that can provide diversified and innovative technology services.
    In 2019, Sunyu’s LZ Innovation was awarded the honorary title of "2019 China's Emerging Intellectual Property Service Team" at the10th China IP International Annual Forum & 2020 Annual Conference of In-House IP Managers in China, marking that Sunyu has established a firm foothold in professional services such as patent search and analysis, innovation consulting, and global information collection.
    The China IP Annual Forum hosted by China Intellectual Property Magazine aims at summarizing and forecasting the IP development of China on a yearly basis and exchanging and discussing IP management experience and strategies of enterprises as economic situations vary. In addition to macro laws and policies, the forums focus more on the functions and value of IP in revitalizing and boosting the real economy, as well as the application and management of IP in business innovation and development. The annual forums, with strong repercussions and great influence, have become one of the most influential forums in China’s IP industry.
    The 11th China IP International Annual Forum &2021 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China will be held in Beijing, January 2021.
Through the linguistic bridge built after nearly two decades of deep cultivation, Sunyu has not only helped protect and share technological achievements for many foreign and domestic IP practitioners but also enabled the group itself to gain broader access to the international IP community.
Patent Translation: Embracing the Times Without Fearing Challenges
    For a long time, patent translation is often regarded as a minor and often neglected division in the internationalized IP service chain. However, different languages of different countries and nations are the reflection of the differences in cognitive styles, values, thinking patterns, etc. Even for everyday languages, translations can hardly be straightforward. The difficulty of translating these highly technical documents will increase exponentially once the translation of highly complicated patent documents is involved.
    An accurate and high-quality translation of a patent can help the applicants avoiding the dilemma of not being granted patent rights and missing the opportunities of securing an exclusive technology. A patent translation written in the language that complies with the patent law and relevant regulations of the country or region where the application is applied can help applicants avoid unnecessary corrections and amendments in the preliminary and substantive examinations, thereby saving unnecessary costs and speeding up the examination process. Therefore, patent translation is indeed the most basic and critical element that connects the value of foreign patents and realizes the perfect operation of the service chain. It is the "lubricant" that promotes the successful licensing of high-quality foreign patent applications, and it is also the bond and bridge for enterprises to achieve patent internationalization.
    China's entry into the WTO has promoted the gradual two-way opening of the Chinese and foreign markets, and the increasingly fierce international competition has promoted Chinese companies to increase their research and development efforts. The demand for Chinese companies to apply for PCT and patent translation has also expanded. The future of patent translation services has unlimited opportunities.
    Therefore, upon entry of China into the WTO, with a keen sense of smell, Sunyu concentrated its advantages and dared to be the first to carry out a series of businesses based on patent translation services. In 2003, Sunyu took the lead in the industry to put forward the concept of "IP process outsourcing", providing customers with patent translation and patent agency services in the Chinese market.
    In addition to the leadership in thinking, Sunyu also knows the importance of professional strength, especially the human resources for patent translation services. As the team leader introduced, “now Sunyu has a high-quality and professional full-time team of more than 500 people in the field of intellectual property, which mainly consists of language experts, search engineers, technical experts, patent agents, and legal advisers. Among the team members, 70% have a master's degree or above, 20% are patent engineers, and 45% have a background in science and engineering, including more than ten patent agents and more than 50 foreign language experts. It can be said that Sunyu's team is full of talents and elites.”
    Rich experience and high-quality talent team not only ensure Sunyu's professional depth in the field of patent translation, but also greatly broaden its service range. The team leader introduced to China IP: "Sunyu's unique advantages in patent translation services are mainly manifested in the rich types of languages and a large number of technical fields it covered." In terms of language types, the Sunyu team has experience in more than 50 languages worldwide, covering 95% of the global market. In addition to the most common English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, etc., we even cover relatively unpopular countries along the "Belt and Road" in its strategic distribution, providing Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Persian, Persian, Arabic, Indonesian, Polish, Greek, Ukrainian, and Kazakh, and other services.”
    In terms of technological field, Sunyu's patent translation services fully cover more than 20 high-tech industries, including the most popular 5G communications, Internet of Things, biomedicine, and new materials in the international patent market. Relying on efficient teamwork, advanced quality management system, professional legal background knowledge, strict information security standards, industryleading cutting-edge technology and excellent global operation capabilities, Sunyu currently translates more than 30,000 patent documents annually. The cumulative number of digitally-processed words exceeds 6 billion, which has won the trust of many domestic and foreign clients, including Huawei, Tencent, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Panasonic and other world-renowned companies. The satisfying performance in business has laid a solid foundation for Sunyu to expand its operations. Today, the Nanjing-based Sunyu has established branches in domestic cities such as Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, as well as in the United States, the Philippines, Japan and other countries. The group's strategy for IP internationalization is being carried out steadily.
    With the continuous maturity of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in recent years, machine translation is gradually involved in all industries and even the general public. Whether machine translation will eventually replace human translation, and what the future of practitioners in the translation industry will look like, has also become a hot topic. For Sunyu team, the emergence of machine translation is not a threat, but a real opportunity. "It goes without saying that in the future, a large amount of translation work may be replaced by machine translation. This is the meaning of technological development. However, machine translation will not completely replace human translation after all; on the contrary, due to the extremely high creativity required by the translation of complex texts, people's demand for high-quality human translation will become more and more vigorous, and human translation and machine translation will also move toward to a deep integration.
    On the one hand, machine translation can effectively assist human translation and complete a large amount of basic translation work quickly and efficiently, which provides an important guarantee for high-quality translation results. On the other hand, the extensive review work brought about by the popularization of machine translation must also rely on highlevel translation practitioners to complete. Machine translation and human translation complement each other. Therefore, Sunyu has been actively learning and continuously improving artificial intelligence and machine translation technologies, exploring and promoting innovative development models of patent translation services, and promoting new development in the field of the patent translation industry.
    “Sunyu has been conducting long-term research and investment in the field of AI translation, it has also achieved phased results. Take the AI big data service launched by Sunyu as an example, this AI big data system can provide data translation, and combines machine translation engines and human forces to provide customization to clients on language types, process, resources and language style. Keeping up with the mainstream of the times and embracing the development of science and technology are the fundamental reason why Sunyu has developed rapidly, and it is also Sunyu's unchanging persistence in the future", said the team leader.
Internationalization Road: Journey to the new world
For Sunyu, who has gone through more than 20 years of development history, 2019 is of extraordinary significance. In January 2019, Sunyu's Nanjing headquarters officially settled in the "Sunyu Building" named after the group; in the same month, Sunyu formally joined the China IP Development Alliance and became a member of the Belt and Road IP Service Professional Committee of the Alliance. In August, Sunyu was invited by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to participate in the IP Week Global Intellectual Property Forum held by the office, and set up an exhibition for the first time; in September, Sunyu made its debut at The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) held in London, UK. In April of the same year, the 4.26 Intellectual Property and Zijin Sports Forum and the first "Sunyu Zijin Cup" Intellectual Property Elite Football Match were also successfully held, demonstrating Sunyu's important influence in the sports industry and other fields. In 2019, Sunyu continued to expand its business steadily, and the path for its IP internationalization is getting wider and wider.
    Also in 2019, Sunyu, with the strong support of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the China National Intellectual Property Administration, held " Zijin International IP Summit", an international and professional IP event jointly held by the Nanjing Municipal Government and the Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province for the fourth consecutive year. It also officially launched the "Sunyu Zijin Nanjing IP Globalization Service Platform".
For Sunyu team members, these two important events in 2019 are of great significance.“Zijin International IP Summit is a bench marking conference for the intellectual property industry at home and abroad. As the initiator of the summit, Sunyu aims to promote the internationalization of IP creation, utilization and protection in the city, the province, the country and the world by hosting this event, it also aims to promote and lead the creative economy through intellectual property and provide a platform for the communications in the global IP community”, as the team introduced,
    ‘Sunyu Zijin Nanjing IP globalization service platform is a comprehensive service platform that has landed in Nanjing and radiated the whole province. It aims to provide a wide range of high-quality, professional intellectual property international services for the majority of enterprises in Nanjing, covering global patent application support, global warning and navigation, global risk immunization, overseas rights protection assistance, international consultation release, etc. Sunyu develops a trinity of international public services through its official website, WeChat public account and offline activities, and is committed to making the platform a well-known industry benchmark in China and helping more domestic enterprises and institutions to move towards a broader world stage. "
After experiencing the brilliance of 2019, Sunyu and other intellectual property service organizations ushered in a sudden change in the social and economic trends at home and abroad under the background of the 2020 epidemic. "The outbreak of COVID-19 will inevitably cause inconvenience to Sunyu's various tasks. For example, many offline communications and learning activities cannot be carried out normally, offline communication with clients is also widely blocked, and trading opportunities are lost", said the head of the team about the impact of the epidemic on the industry, but at the same time, he said, "What surprised us is that during the epidemic, Sunyu's business volume in various fields, especially the patent translation field, did not decline but increased, and even hit a record high. The reason is that, on the one hand, it is due to our team's timely and solid implementation of various prevention and control deployments. On the other hand, Sunyu has fully deployed an enterprise cloud office system as early as five years ago to protect clients at home and abroad. The delivery commission is not affected by the sudden epidemic. I have never thought that this system would play such a huge role in this special period. Relying on the cloud office system, after the Spring Festival holiday, Sunyu arranged all staff to work at home, leaving only a few employees responsible for overall management work stayed at office, but we still completed the tasks entrusted by clients with quality and efficiency. The epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the entire intellectual property service industry. Fortunately, Sunyu's precautions have also received satisfactory results. "
    In addition to deploying its own epidemic prevention arrangements and ensuring the normal operation of daily business, the Sunyu team has never forgotten to take the initiative to assume social responsibilities and use its professional advantages to contribute to the epidemic prevention work of the whole society. The team leader told China IP that during the epidemic, Sunyu and Alibaba Group carried out in-depth language service cooperation. In order to assist in the global release of the Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment jointly launched by Jack Ma Charity Foundation, Alibaba Charity Foundation, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University in multiple languages, Sunyu quickly established a project team and screened resources from the global resource pool, rushed to translate and review the handbook, and finally completed eight languages and 544 pages of translation tasks in 4 days. Sunyu has received high praise from Alibaba in terms of professional ability and service attitude.
    Today, the impact of the domestic epidemic is gradually dissipating. After a temporary trough, the intellectual property service industry is looking forward to another golden period of development. For Sunyu, the negative impact of the epidemic on the global economy cannot change the group's development vision of becoming a world-renowned intellectual property service provider. "In the future, Sunyu will continue to accurately position internationalization and take unremittingly to improve intellectual property professional service capabilities. On the basis of patent translation, patent search, software R&D, PCT applications, etc., we will further expand more differentiated, diversified, customized and highquality professional intellectual property services, such as intellectual property transaction operations, IP risk immunity, intellectual property rights protection, etc. Patent translation is a business that constructs a bridge to cross a river, and this professional bridge communicates the magnificent technological world at home and abroad. It has also led people to work for Sunyu to a new world where they can realize their dreams."

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