INTA CEO: Beijing is the world's no. 1 city with most INTA members

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The 2022 INTA Annual Meeting will be held in Washington DC as a physical event with virtual components from April 30 to May 4. With 6,500 organizations from 185 countries comprising INTA’s membership, its annual meeting has been recognized as the world’s largest IP event. As INTA’s media partner in China since 2014, China IP on February 28 interviewed INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo.

He reveals that INTA’s Chinese membership includes 1,415 individuals in 157 law firms and 143 individuals in 46 corporations as of 2021. He recognizes Beijing as the world’s no. 1 city with the highest number of individuals as INTA members. He calls on more Chinese corporations to join INTA in view of the fact that 8 Chinese corporations as INTA members are fully Chinese and the remaining 38 corporations as INTA members are multinationals with a base or domiciled in China. Comparatively speaking, Chinese law firms are pooling international resources and serving global communities faster than Chinese corporations mostly due to their restricted sizes.

INTA sets up 7 education tracks, which are 7 thematic topics in common parlance, at the 2022 Annual Meeting, including building a better society through brands as the first track and complementary rights, regulatory issues, and brand restrictions as the second track. INTA CEO accentuates the association’s mission on almost all IP rights except on patent with these tracks.

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