The Strict Inspection of Unauthorized Use of Computer Software and Businesses Forced to Use Authorized Software

2008/04/01,By Athena Ma, China IP,[Copyright]

In 2008, the Intellectual Property Office of the Shenzhen Municipality ("Shenzhen IPO") and the Beijing Task Force on the Enforcement of Laws on the Cultural Market successively imposed administrative penalties on local businesses that use unauthorized copies of computer software, including; Adobe's Photoshop Series, Microsoft's operating system "Microsoft Windows", and Office Series, Altium's Protel, PTC's Pro/E, and UG's software for painting and project design such as UGNX.

In January, after conducting two administrative hearings, the Shenzhen IPO imposed an administrative sanctionsagainst a Shenzhen electronics company. The company installed unauthorized copies of Adobe's Acrobat software, Microsoft's Windows and Office software and Altium's Protel software on several computers in its engineering office. The Shenzhen IPO found that the company's illegal copies and use of the software continued for a lengthy period of time, which caused ill effects, disturbed the market,  impaired public interest, and violated provisions of the Copyright Law and the Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software. Shenzhen's IPO imposed a fine of RMB 100,000 and ordered the business to delete the pirated product. This is the first administrative punishment imposed by the Shenzhen authority on a local enterprise for the illegal use of unauthorized software.

In December 2007, the Beijing Task Force on the Enforcement of Laws on the Cultural Market, received complaints by right holders. Authorities investigated a Beijing Science and Technology Company, discovering unauthorized Adobe Photoshop software and PTC's Pro/E software. In February of this year, the Beijing Task Force on the Enforcement of Laws on the Cultural Market issued a written decision sanctioning the business. Ordered to cease use of the software, the company was fined RMB 15,000.

                                                                              (Translated by Zhang Meichang)



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