11,414 Computer Software Copyrights Registered in First Half of 2007

2007/08/01,NCA Website,[Copyright]

On July 11, the Copyright Protection Center ("CPC") announced the top ten provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government, in terms of the number of computer software registrations or software copyright registrations in the first half of 2007. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong were the first three in terms of the number of applicants in specific regions. 

There are 11,414 computer software registrations nationally by June 30, 2007, an 8.21% year-on-year increase, which is the highest in history. Among them, 10,842 registrations are software copyright registrations, accounting for 94.99% of the total. 

In terms of applicants from specific regions, the first ten in software copyright registration include: Beijing Municipality (3962), Guangdong Province (1365), Shanghai Municipality (1261), Zhejiang Province (858), Jiangsu Province (750), Fujian Province (391), Shandong Province (336), Hubei Province (258), Sichuan Province (216) and Tianjin Municipality (174). 

The first five, which are located in the southeast coastal regions with developed economies, have 72.68% of the total registrations for software copyrights. According to the report, the above order is fundamentally consistent with the software development scale and level in each local area.


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