Independent IP, A Theme at the Scientists Conference

2007/08/01,China Intellectual Property News,[Patent]

On July 14, the 6th Chinese Scientists Forum was held in Beijing with the theme "speeding up independent innovation and building an innovative nation."

Liu Yanhua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that Chinese enterprises were still weak in technological innovations. Measures must be taken to increase their accumulation of resources, share their resources, make up for each other's disadvantages with their respective advantages, so as to cut short the term of R&D, raise efficiency and sharpen their competitive edge.

Song Hai, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, said that they would speed up the amendment and improvement of the province's integrated plan with that of the Ministry for production, teaching and research, better their policies and measures, and try to promulgate preferential policies for IP protection, investment and production financing as soon as possible. In addition, they would promote the establishment of a production, teaching and research strategic alliance, and set up and support nearly 100 such alliances in the province as needed to carry out the strategy.

It is said that the forum probed into some hot topics, such as technological innovation, mechanism innovation for the IC industry, study of the pharmacology of Chinese herbal medicine, and the innovation of medicine. Sixteen academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and nearly 1,000 technological workers and entrepreneurs attended the forum from all industries throughout China.

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