The Chinese Digital Publishing Exposition was Held

2007/08/01,People’s Daily,[Comprehensive Reports]

On July 16-19, the Second Chinese Digital Publishing Exposition on the subject of "Innovative Figures in publishing and digital networks change the world" was held at the Beijing International Conference Center. Yan Xiaohong, the Deputy Administrator of the State Press and Publication Administration of the PRC and Deputy Director of the State Copyright Bureau delivered the theme report titled The Status Quo of the Digital Publishing Industry in China, the Problems and the Countermeasures.   

In the past two years, China's digital publishing industry has developed rapidly. There has been a good momentum and a rapid increase in many areas, such as internet publishing, as well in network game publications and mobile phone publications. According to incomplete statistics, the entire earnings of the digital publication industry in China exceeded RMB20 billion, among which, RMB500 million was for internet periodicals, RMB150 million for electric books, RMB6. 54 billion for network games, RMB4.98 billion for network advertisements, RMB8 billion for mobile phone polyphonic ringtones, mobile phone ringtones, mobile phone games and mobile phone animations. Digital publication has grown into one of the most important economic growth engines for the publishing industry.


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