"2007 Forum of China Criminal Protection of IPR" was Inaugurated in Guangdong

2007/08/01,http://www.mps.gov.cn,[Comprehensive Reports]

In the morning of July 24, 2007, the China Criminal Protection for IPR Forum was inaugurated in Shenzhan, Guangdong Province. This forum lasted two days, and the mail topics were the strategies of criminal protection of IPR and legal safeguards, the establishment of a cooperation mechanism between enforcement organizations and obligees, as well as the actions of Chinese criminal protection of IPR and cooperation schemes.

It is reported that on the basis of this forum, the public security organizations shall plan to establish a "key enterprises for contact" mechanism suited to Chinese and foreign enterprises to mobilize the resources of the public security organizations in all of China to fight infringing IPR crimes against enterprises, to assist enterprises in solving problems and difficulties encountered in criminal protection of IPR; to provide services in such aspects as training and consultation, and to urge enterprises to set up modernized IPR management systems and planning for development. At the same time, they shall encourage communication and cooperation between foreign investment businesses and domestic businesses, and ultimately form a smooth channel and steady platform to serve the enterprises so as to promote cooperation between the law enforcement organizations and the Chinese and foreign enterprises and to improve the consciousness and IPR protection of the entire society.



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