Beijing Olympics Strengthens IPR Protection, and 350 Lawyers Serve the Olympic Organization Committee

2007/08/01,Beijing Times,[Comprehensive Reports]

On July 20, in the conference for their half-year work summation, the Bar Association of Beijing announced that in order to guarantee the smooth holding of the Olympics, Beijing needed to recruit 5 groups of 350 lawyers as volunteers to participate in activities maintaining Olympic Games IP rights activities.

Peng Xuefeng, vice president of Beijing Bar Association indicated that having been entrusted by the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee, the Bar Association of Beijing began in August, 2006 to recruit groups of legal professionals practicing in Beijing to become volunteers and provide a volunteer lawyer service for the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee. He said, "There are 70 volunteers for each group, and they work for half a year. They shall have to satisfy the conditions provided by the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee for volunteers, and in addition they need to possess certain practical experience in intellectual property law and have sufficient time for the service.”"

It has been reported that up to now two groups of volunteers have been successfully recruited, and the works of the volunteers are mainly in two areas: first, to collect and check the information concerning Olympic intellectual property infringement; and second, to cooperate with the Olympic Organization Committee to conduct the promotion of Olympic IPR protection.


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