Brand Internationalization and Development Forum INTA’s 2008 China Summit Held in Beijing

Issue 26, By Harry Yang, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

On October 14, the Brand Internationalization and Development Forum INTA’s 2008 China Summit was held in Beijing, which was sponsored by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the China Trademark Association (CTA). Leaders from brand-names such as Intel, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Mars, Starbucks, Yum!Brands, and Jahwa gathered to exchange opinions and ideas.

INTA has been following closely the development of Chinese businesses, said the President of INTA, Rhonda Steele, in her opening speech, and it appreciates what the Chinese government has done for brand protection. She expressed the hope that more Chinese brands could compete with international brands worldwide and improve continuously their value and protection system.

The one-day summit featured discussions on the four aspects of brand selection: development and cultivation; corporate brand management strategies in commercial expansion; capitalization of corporate brands; and intellectual property risk prevention in corporate operations.

During the first part of the summit, brand advisors from international and domestic brands discussed how to select a brand according to one’s business scale and forge it into one of high commercial value. The second part of the summit focused on how to combine commercial expansion and operations and make full use of brands as a tool in market expansion. The speakers modeled corporate merger, franchising, and trademark combination, emphasizing trademark auditing in corporate M&As.

The establishment and cultivation of a brand is usually regarded as a part of corporate costs, said INTA Executive Director Alan C. Drewsen, but the correct capitalization of the brand will turn it into a profit point. This was the idea proposed to domestic companies during the third part of the summit; while the fourth part focused on IP risks in corporate brand development.

The summit was praised by attendees. Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. said the event provided Chinese businesses an opportunity to learn from other trades, especially brand management from their foreign counterparts.

INTA also held a discussion on October 15, during which all businesses could hold smaller, more intimate meetings.                         

(Translated by Li Heng)

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