Intellectual Property Collateral Symposium Held in Guangzhou

Issue 31 By Ma Wuxiong,[Comprehensive Reports]

In July, the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Office and Guangzhou Financial Office co-sponsored the Guangzhou financial collateral institution symposium. Wu Yuejing, Director and Deng Youman, Vice Director of the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Office, attended the symposium with officers from the Guangzhou Financial Office, and more than 20 representatives from Guangzhou financial collateral institutions.

According to Wu Yuejing, “to promote intellectual property collateral, the Guangzhou government will organize some financial collateral institutions; assess intermediaries and enterprises to adopt marketing management methods, and the doctrines of sharing interests and shouldering joint risks. The government will choose some leading financial institutions and qualified assess intermediaries to establish an intellectual property collateral platform in order to encourage them, and connect independent intellectual property with finance, and connect finance with industrialization. The government will also provide discounted interest rates to support assess intermediaries and enterprises.”

These attendants hold that intellectual property collateral is a new financial channel for enterprises, especially small and medium sized technology companies. It also confirms China’s policies that support small and medium sized enterprises and helps them with problem solving. Additionally, various attendants provide suggestions and opinions on the risks of intellectual property assess, legal risks, and arrangement risks.


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