Success, Starts from Firmly Chasing Dream——visit Yu Zehui of UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW

Issue 1 By Gao Xueyan,[Patent]

Knowing the name of Yu Zehui, starts from knowing UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW.

Over the past year, all kinds of affairs and dissensions related to knowledge property right often occupy the first line in the first page of China major medias—CISCO sues China for property right violation, Nanfu and other battery companies are investigated in patent property right violation, Toyota sues Jili for trademark property right violation etc. Other trades, such as DVD, digital camera, cars, motorcars, communications, lighters etc., are blocked by knowledge property right dissensions at the summit of developing, and get into the swamp of suppressed development.

When a good many China companies struggled for battles, the name of “UNITALEN” starts to appear constantly before our eyes, and has become the corporation partner of companies in knowledge property protect, maintenance, lawsuits, and consultation. With the help of “UNITALEN”, many companies start to build up their own knowledge property right strategy, and gains more competition strength in the large wind and wave of markets. In the state statistics of trademark applications agencies, “UNITALEN” has continuously been the first one for three year. While as the leader of “UNITALEN”, Yu Zehui has naturally become the new elite within and outside of trade.

Opening the resume of Yu Zehui, it is not hard to find that no matter from his education background, professional certificate, and training experience, or from his many thesis and works, he is not only a new style Knowledge Capitalist with over ten years’ career experience to serve many famous customers, and strong property right team, but also a international scholar with solid theory foundation, and good ability of thinking and analysis.

Chasing Dream Courageous Choice

Firmly chasing dream has made many people successful, and Yu Zehui, with love to the knowledge poverty right trade is not an exception.

In July 1991, after graduation from Civil Law Major in Peking University, Yu Zehui is engaged in investigations and analysis related to business in Beijing Industry and Business Administration Bureau Legal System Department. In 1992, he is moved to Trademark Advertisement Managing Department, and begins to deal with trademark registration and violation affairs related to knowledge property right, and starts to love this trade.

It is the interest and passion on trademark trade, Yu Zehui starts to have the idea to specialize in trademark work by and by. In 1995, his constant ideal and an opportunity motive his to come to Beijing Trademark Office, starting his career really related to knowledge property trade.

In Beijing Trademark Office, he is engaged in director of Law Department and assistant office superintendent. During that period, he deals with much trademark business, and accumulates much experience. Rich professional knowledge and theory culture and concrete working examples bring out the best of each other. But over two years’ working makes Yu Zehui feel that the development of office is greatly limited by system and mechanism.

“Office is quite different from other places. Its basic is human resource, and all working quality is related to the quality, ability and attitude of employees. Only everyone’s enthusiasm is motivated, the office may have large development. We hope that the employee and award system of cause unit may be broken, but it is not realized due to several reasons.” Mentioning the situation, Yu Zehui said with emotion.

To realize the dream of make achievements in knowledge property trade, at the end of 1998, new challenge urges Yu Zehui to think about new choice. “From 1997 to 1998, due that all kinds of plans to get rid of restricts and accelerate development are not realized, I start to have the idea to initiate my own heaven and earth, and have my own cause to realize my dream. At that time I can be considered young. But the main aim is to do something in sureness. At the end of 1998, under the consultation with several friends, we decide to take over a patent office, which is UNITALEN patent office.”
About the choice at that time, though Yu Zehui introduces it peacefully, but all people who understand the situation knows clearly that the courage to give up the stable career and good benefit in cause unit, and start from the beginning in the market with both risk and opportunity is not owned by every person. What makes him make the choice so firmly? In his own words, “it is the passion and persistence for this trade.”

Independent Enterprise, Flow the Flag Against Wind

Though UNITALEN patent office is build up in 1995, but it keeps conservative. Yu Zehui, together with other partners, collects the purchase charge, and starts the independent enterprise course.

With the enthusiasm to make achievements in the field of knowledge poverty right, they start from nothing and struggle shoulder to shoulder. Mentioning the initial situation, Yu Zehui is still filled with enthusiasm, “We are young at that time. It is just the passion to this trade, and confidence to the future that we walk together. Our aim is very clear, which is to make our own achievement in this trade.”

At beginning the condition is very poor. Without office facilities, they move office desks and chairs, printers and computers from home. The original office is not suitable to host the customers, and they increase managing cost, moving to Sigma Center, even just a small office. Though it is hard at that period, Yu Zehui still has his own layout for “UNITALEN” development.

“The reason we purchase a patent office is that knowledge property right is a complete trade, and should walk with two legs of patent and trademark. According to the experience of advanced countries, market development will bring the amount of trademark patent registration increase constantly, but with the market maturity by and by, the amount of registration will develop in a comparatively stable trend, while the patent will increase yearly. A good company may have several fixed trademarks, but with the appearance of new products and technology, patent protection is needed. Therefore, as we are doing patent registration, we apply trademark agency certificate actively. In 1999, when we get the trademark agency certificate, we start to do business in both trademark and patent.”

During developing all kinds of business, customer service principle is always sparked by “UNITALEN”, which is also the key principle for its fast development. “Thinking about every problem from the customer’s angle” and “Paying attention to every detail of the customer with all heart” have become the classical theory of “UNITALEN” development. Talking about customer service theory, Yu Zehui tell us two vivid stories:

“From the beginning of our enterprise, we pay special attention to service quality, and considering every detail for customer. At that time a customer was far in Shunyi, and we went there by bicycle. Spending a whole day for just one customer may be considered unworthy, but we think customer relationship is built up one by one. If we have good service, then the customer is invisible flack, so we pay much attention to every customer. This is proved in the later development.”

“There is another time, when we registered the trademark for an aluminum-plastic complex vassal, which is newly welcome product in construction material market. But according to trademark class list, the sixth kind is metal product, and the nineteenth one is a non-metal product. There is no metal and non-metal complex vassal. Normal way is that it is registered by major element of the products. But after discussion, study and analysis for a long time, we think that on the one hand, it is hard to decide the content, and on the other hand, if we register only in one kind, then we can’t protect our right when other companies register the same products in the other kind. Therefore, we suggest the customer to register in the two kinds. The customer accept our suggestion, and the obstacle is moved for future development.”

In the developing history of “UNITALEN”, there are several “First” that make Yu Zehui quite proud. They are undoubtedly the original power for “UNITALEN” to develop so fast:

“UNITALEN” is the first domestic office to initiative market. When all other offices are in the style to wait for the customer coming to the door, “UNITALEN” has already goes to the market, directly faced the companies, popularizes knowledge property right knowledge, and improve the company sense to protect itself, which drives a large number of companies to attach importance to self knowledge property right.

“UNITALEN” is the first office to set branches in other places of China. When “UNITALEN” finds that the service provided by companies in other places are not direct or convenient, “UNITALEN” starts to set up branches in all major cities in China, to ensure to bring the best service before the customers. Now “UNITALEN” has set up 16 branches, which improves greatly the service quality and efficiency.

“UNITALEN” is the first office to achieve real customer service theory. “UNITALEN” builds up special archives for every customer, informs the customer of all kinds of relative information and knowledge property right developing status at any time, pay great attention to upper following service, and actively help the company with trademark transfer, patent, and seeking corporation etc.

“UNITALEN” is the first office to pay real attention to company management. When developing scope enlarges constantly, “UNITALEN” starts to emphasize on improving efficiency and quality through management, especially training the middle class employee that makes “UNITALEN” develops more stable.

It is through the service theory to pay attention to details and continuous innovation and struggle spirit from initial enterprise, that “UNITALEN” has grown up into one of the largest and strongest knowledge property right agencies.

Exceeding Myself, Achieving Splendor

Yu Zehui always thinks that the achievements belong to the whole team. He tells the journalist happily, “’UNITALEN’ has a very strong team, with 41 experienced patent agents, 33 experienced trademark agents, 45 excellent lawyers, and over 200 specialists in knowledge property right work. They are excellent elites in their own fields, and are the best fortune of ‘UNITALEN’. We continuously exploit new system to motive everyone’s enthusiasm. In 2003, we borrow style from overseas excellent offices, and confirm ‘UNITALEN partner promotion system’, making every employee have chance to be the owner of ‘UNITALEN’. Recently we have just promoted two employees to become the partner of ‘UNITALEN’. This has greatly influenced other employees.”

“We emphasize on training employees. ‘UNITALEN’ has very good study atmosphere and system. There are two business-training courses for every department every week. Employees may share good experiences actively, and we will constantly invite outside experts to hold lectures to renew the knowledge repertory. Meanwhile, we have organized English training, amenity training, management training courses etc. to improve people quality. Almost all the middle managers are trained by ourselves.”

“Due to pay attention to improve the employee’s theory quality, we can often see ‘UNITALEN’ employee’s articles are printed in newspapers or published in books. Especially some thinking about legislation and judicature has attached the attention of the same trade.”

“Now ‘UNITALEN’ develops stably, but we won’t be confined to it. Our aim is to develop ‘UNITALEN’ into top knowledge property service agency in China, and first class in the world. The next step has two key points, one is to emphasize on lawsuit business. Therefore, we have centralize most excellent elites to ‘UNITALEN’ lawyer office, and the lawsuits becomes obviously more; another one is to emphasize on overseas business. We will exploit international business actively based on the persistent elite’s advantage, management advantage, and service advantage to win more customers’ trust.”

Success, to different person the understanding is also different. But to Yu Zehui and “UNITALEN” company, to exceed himself, and face new challenge is the largest success.


Yu Zehui, Lawyer, trademark agent, senior Economist, and part-time professor Beijing Aviation and Spaceflight University Law Institute, is the partner of UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW. He is also the member of China Lawyer Committee, China Knowledge Property Analysis Committee, International Trademark Committee, and International Knowledge Property Protection Committee member.

In 1988 he graduates with Law Bachelor Degree from South-west Politics and Law University. In 1991 he graduates with Civil Law Master Degree in Peking University. In 1994 he gets Lawyer Certificate. In 1996 he gets trademark agent certificate. In 1997 he is given the title Senior Economist.

From 1991 to 1994, he is engaged in Beijing Industry and Industry and Business Administration Office Law Department. In 1995 he enters Beijing Trademark Office. In 1998 he joins in UNITALEN Patent Trademark Office, dealing with a lot of domestic and international knowledge property right case, and gaining rich case experience. In his ten years career as a knowledge property lawyer, he attends a series of international knowledge property proseminar and intercourse conference. With through study on domestic and international knowledge property system, he grasps rich theory and practical experience. In 2001, he is invited to attend the China Law Forum, arranged by Becker Poliakoff Lawyer Office, the largest Lawyer Office in Florida in USA. He gives the speech titled “China Knowledge Property Protection System”, and gains good evaluation. At the end of 2002, he goes to Morgan Finnigan Lawyer Office, one of famous knowledge property lawyer offices in New York USA. He strengthens the study of American knowledge property system.


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