Arthur Evrensel Talked about Copyright Protection on Music

2010/12/01,China IP,[Copyright]

On November 18, 2010, the 3rd China International Copyright Expo, sticking to the principle of “sustainable, operational, innovative and distinctive,” was solemnly held at the National Convention Center.
Arthur Evrensel, Partner from Canadian National Law Firm, Heenan Blaikie LLP and Vancouver Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Compensation Committee of Lionsgate Entertainment, took part in the expo and received China IP’s interview, saying “Music piracy is a function of many elements and circumstances. The technological capability is the driving force in music piracy. In addition, the music industry did not respond quickly with alternative methods to deliver music to a consumer base, which iTunes has proven will pay for legal music download, provided (a) the pricing is competitive, (b) the selection is varied, (c) the source is virus free, and (d)  the download is convenient and quick. In order to reach this audience, those 4 elements must be adhered.” When asked “Confronted with music piracy, why don’t we combat it directly? And why do we have to establish new business models to recover the losses incurred by the piracy? Mr. Evrensel emphasized that It is very difficult, if not impossible to solve music piracy with simply enforcement. The first step is educating those who illegally download music, and then provide them with low cost, convenient, virus free alternatives. (China IP)

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