Voices from the Brand Festival of China

2010/12/20,By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

From August 7 to 10, 2010, the Fourth Brand Festival of China was held in Beijing. Vice Chairman of the 11th NPC Standing Committee and Chairman of the China Democratic National Construction Association Chen Changzhi, Honorary Chairman of Brand China Industry Union Gu Xiulian, Chairman of Brand China Industry Union Ai Feng, Vice-Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Executive Chairman of the Fourth China Brand Festival’s Organizing Committee Yu Pin attended the opening ceremony. Chen Changzhi made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that establishing a brand name that is well recognized and respected is the basis of an enterprises’ sustainable development and an emblem of a nation’s comprehensive economic power. For more than thirty years since the reform and opening, China’s booming economy has helped enterprises realize the importance of brand establishment and implementation. As with the transformation of “Made in China” to “Created in China”, some enterprises have internalized branding. However, companies must pay attention to the difference between Chinese brands and international brands. This will inspire Chinese brands to go forward with a long term perspective. To develop independent brands is a requirement of global economic integration. Chen further said that brand creation and cultivation not only requires an enterprises’ persistence and government’s support , but a lso people’s active participation. About thirty enterprises attended the festival and expressed their understanding on branding. China IP pays much attention to enterprisers’ recognition on Chinese branding.

Liu Yonghao Chairman of the New Hope Group
Liu Yonghao expressed that after thirty years’development, the sales volume of New Hope Group has reached 50 billion Yuan and built dozens of factories across six countries. The New Hope Group will continue the strategy of going abroad and try to become one of the famous international agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises. Liu expressed that in China agriculture and animal husbandry is a weak industry. Our country has issued seven first documents. Though he totally agreed that financial investment and land investment are more profitable than that of agriculture and animal husbandry, he insisted that being engaged in the “San nong” 1 was his honor and responsibility.

Feng Jun President of Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Feng Jun expressed that in the coming three years Huaqi will open Aigo GeKiln specialist shops in locations close to where any LV shops are located. Feng said Huaqi team is dedicated to opening Aigo GeKiln shops on the world’s busy streets, especially in the places where Louis Vuitton flagship stores are located. The GeKiln products featured with Chinese culture will adopt the limited edition business strategy. Feng Jun pointed out that at present Chinese enterprises is “living a dog’s life” as they can only rely on price strategies on the path to globalization. Chinese brands should learn from other countries’ advanced experience and technology as well as their own advantages. He confessed that though Aigo’s innovations are top rate, the products MP3 to MP5 rankings are scattered and so far have not established market spirit. He thought the establishment of Chinese brands should adopt a way of combining foreign countries’ advanced experience and technology with China’s advantages and opportunities. According to Feng Jun, at present the branding strategy adopted by Aigo is targeted at Chinese cultural advantages, that is, applying the cultural advantages to the design of Aigo GeKiln Series camera. Aigo locates the products at the level of Hermes (Paris brand) to challenge the high-end market.
Li Shufu Chairman of Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Volvo Car Corporation
Li Shufu stated that Geely’s acquisition of Volvo action is part of Geely’s self-evolution. Li Shufu said branding has a soul and life which consists of many elements. Geely and Volvo are two brands that have a relationship that is more like a brotherhood than a parent child relationship. There are too many differences between these two brands, as brands are different from trademarks. The latter is a symbol which represents in an unchangeable solid form, while the former varies all the time. Volvo and Geely are different on their qualifications and crafts. Volvo is rich with safety techniques and patents which Geely lacks. Therefore, Geely is Geely and Volvo is Volvo. They are independent and should not be confused.
Li Qiuxi President of Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory Co.
“Only the brand that can stand the test of time in the market and with consumers can be a real brand and a trusted product,” said Li Qiuxi. Fen Wine is one of many Chinese brands which have experienced frustrations. Fen Wine once topped the spirit industry. In the last twenty years, Fen Wine, which has a history of 800 years, has been lagging behind, which resulted from its brand positioning, brand value, branding decisions and the challenges of competing in the market. Li Qiuxi stated that Shanxi Fen Wine is the oldest and purest wine with the longest culture; at least 5,000 years. At present, the company is now setting up the enterprise development strategy, branding strategy, marketing strategy and cultural development strategy. The brand programming, product development, branding communication and marketing layout will become their core work. Fen Wine has never had such a clear brand positioning and developing direction.
Yu Minhong Chairman & CEO of New Oriental Education Group Co., Ltd.
At the opening ceremony, Yu Minhong said that for now there are not enough opportunities for China to have world-class universities, middle schools or primary schools in the coming century. Yu stated that China’s education has entered a utilitarian age. “Going to the best primary school is to go the best junior middle school; going to the best junior school is to go the best senior middle school; and then to go to the best university. But there is no definition of the so-called ‘best.’ Especially when someone comes out from the best university, he or she finds no place to display his or her talents,” Yu said. In Yu’s opinion, to change such a situation, we should start from correcting the education purpose. Colleges and universities should balance “change” and “no change.” With the development of time, education needs to be changed. However, free thinking, the cultivation of investigation thought and the cultivation of creativity, imagination and personality should be eternal points to be maintained. Yu further expressed if the problem of “change” and “no change” is solved, next century China will have world-class universities, middle schools and primaries. But at present there is much work to be done.
(Translated by Sarah Luo)
Editor’s Notes:
1 San nong: San means “three,” and the three “nong” issues consistently appearing on China’s agenda are the farming industry (nongye), rural communities (nongcun) and farmers (nongmin).

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