2011 report on publication of professional IP articles in China

2012/02/21,By Shanghai Intellectual Property Academy and the Research Team of China IP Magazine,[Patent]

In order to establish comprehensive understandings of intellectual property studies and researches in China, and to promote the IP academic communication and prosperity, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Academy (SHIPA) conducted a survey on the core law journals and professional IP journals in China, collected and analyzed the statistics of professional IP articles that were published in 2011, concluded this Report for the reference of related departments.


I.                    Source of the statistics

The statistics used in this Report come from two types of journals in China:

1. Professional IP journals, comprising nine publications: Intellectual Property, Electronics Intellectual Property, China Copyright, China IP, Science, Technology and Law, China Invention & Patent, Patent Lawyer, China Patents & Trademarks , and China Trademark.

2. Core law journals comprising 21 journals listed in the “Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index” (CSSCI) of Nanjing University and the 27 journals listed in “A Guide of the Core Journal of China” (GCJC) of Peking University. The overlapped journals are counted as one. The total 27 journals are the follows: Chinese Journal of Law, China Legal Science, Studies in Law and Business, Tribune of Political Science and Law, Peking University Law Journal, Science of Law, Modern Law Science, Law Science, Law Review, Law and Social Development, Global Law Review, Journal of Comparative Law, Administrative Law Review, Intellectual Property, Law Science Magazine, Legal Forum, The Jurist, Contemporary Law Review, Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law, Political Science and Law, Criminal Science, Hebei Law Science, Journal of Law Application, People’s Judicature, People’s Procuratorial Semimonthly, Chinese Journal of Forensic Medicine and Chinese Journal of Forensic Sciences.

II. Notes on the statistics

1. Articles included in this Report are professional ones concerning intellectual property, such as papers, professional reviews, case analyses and other IP related articles.

2. This Report only takes into account first authors and their work units, and work units such as “the IP School of Shanghai University” should be deemed as “the Shanghai University.” 3. Excluded from this Report are news reports and interviews composed by journals, articles that cannot be traced to specific work units and non-Chinese articles, such as the English articles published in China IP magazine.

4. This Report divides all units into four categories, which are the judicial system, governmental departments, scientific research institutions and social organizations. Among them, the judicial system means courts, procuratorates, jails and public security bureaus; governmental departments refer to all state administrative departments except for public security bureaus; social organizations include common enterprises, IP agencies, law firms, etc.

II.                  Special disclaimer

The results shown in this Report are for reference only. SHIPA reserves the right of final interpretation.

Errors or inaccuracies in the statistics, if any, found in the Report , should be addressed to Mr. Chen of the SHIPA.

The publication status of professional IP articles in Chinese professional IP journals (2011)


The publication status of professional IP articles in Chinese core law journals (2011)



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