They Are IP Managers

2013/05/17,Kevin Nie, Doris Li, Joyce Zhang, Anne Zhang, Jody Lu,Jessie Chen, Monica Zhang, Dreamlee, Emily Tan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

There is a special group of people within enterprises: they are young in age but mature at heart during work; they have preferable educational and occupational backgrounds but have an ordinary income and position within the office; they are often considered to be R&D staff but sometimes classified as legal staff; they bear pressure from both inside and outside of the enterprises but are bravely moving ahead. There is no unified name for their occupation; sometimes they even do not know how to introduce themselves.
They are IP managers.
With the aim of fully and truly depicting the current situation and development trends of IP managers in China and let them be better understood by society, China IP conducted research on the career situation of IP managers in China from August to December in 2012. In addition, journalists of China IP have interviewed over 40 IP managers, questions have ranged from their work to daily life. It reveals their exaltation and confusion, conscientiousness and commitments, and moreover shows their views on the current status and their future.
Based on extensive questionnaire feedback and scientific statistics, the Report on the Career Situation of IP Managers in China was accomplished. 20 Outstanding In-house IP managers were awarded at the 3rd China IP Annual Forum. The Forum, which was held in January 2013, is considered to be a prestigious event for Chinese in-house IP managers.
The Cover Story of this issue will present vivid faces and true stories of these IP managers.

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