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Public welfare posters for the China Intellectual Property Publicity Week in 2021 were released

April 12, 2021


On April 20, 2021, China Intellectual Property Publicity Week 2021 with the theme of "Comprehensively Strengthening IPR Protection and Building a New Development Pattern" will kick off. Today, the high-profile poster of the Week will be unveiled first! The Office of the Organizing Committee of China Intellectual Property Publicity Week will authorize posters for public benefit to relevant departments or institutions in need. When using posters, relevant departments or institutions should mark the copyright owner and the source of the posters according to the requirements, and do not change the arrangement order and layout design of a set of four posters at will.



2021年4月20日,主题为“全面加强知识产权保护 推动构建新发展格局”的2021年中国知识产权宣传周活动将拉开帷幕,今天,备受瞩目的宣传周海报率先登场!中国知识产权宣传周活动组委会办公室特面向有需求的相关部门或机构,对海报进行公益授权。有关部门或机构在使用海报时应按照要求,标注版权方及海报来源,不随意改变一套四张的排列次序及版面设计。





More than 70 film and television companies issued a joint statement, Call for short video platforms raise copyright awareness

On the evening of April 9, 2021, 53 film and television companies, five video platforms and 15 film and television industry associations issued a joint statement, announcing that they will launch a collective and necessary legal action against unauthorized editing, slicing, moving and spreading of the content of film and television works online. At the same time, the statement called on producers and operators of short video platforms and public accounts to raise awareness of copyright, and called on all sectors of society to report, delete and block infringing content, so as to form a good industry ecology of "authorization before use".

The joint statement sponsors include midday sun, co-sponsored by the film and television, twist of the film and television, CiWen media, new media, Shanghai yaojiang guest well-known film and television company, such as iQIYI, tencent video, youku, mango TV, Migu video platforms such as video and TV art exchange association, the China China's TV series production industry association, film and television industry association, etc.

In particular, the statement highlighted unauthorized re-creation of video content in the short video sector. One of the "key objects" of copyright protection is in the field of short videos and the other is in the secondary creation of film and television works, which makes Douyin, B website and Kuaishou, which focus on the secondary creation of film and television works, come to the center of the topic again.

Source: jiemian News





DJI launched the intelligent driving business brand "DJI vehicle-mounted", which has applied for related trademarks and paten

April 13, 2021


On April 12, 2021, DJI officially launched its intelligent driving business brand "DJI vehicle-mounted", which is committed to enabling travel with intelligent space technology and focusing on the development, production, sales and other services of intelligent driving system and its core components. The DJI vehicle-mounted will be unveiled at the Shanghai auto show on April 19.

Before March 29, Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of "DJI vehicle-mounted" related trademarks, international classification for scientific instruments, transportation tools, website services, etc., the current trademark status is "trademark application".

In addition, the company also disclosed a patent entitled "Vehicle Control Method, Vehicle Control Device, Vehicle and Computer Readable Storage Medium", the disclosure number is CN112166069A, which is classified as a trackless land vehicle. Patent summary: vehicle control method includes the position of the reference point of the vehicle information and speed information, the stability of the reference point is located in the vehicle area, according to the reference point position and speed information, control the steering wheel to the steering wheel direction, in order to control vehicle in from the steering wheel to the steering wheel in the direction of the movement, etc.

Source: Jiemian News






Alibaba was fined 18.2 billion yuan for its monopoly!

In December 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation filed an investigation against Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Alibaba Group) for abusing its dominant market position in the online retail platform service market in China in accordance with the Anti-Monopoly Law.

According to the investigation, Alibaba Group has a dominant position in the online retail platform service market in China. Since 2015, alibaba group, the dominant market position, abuse within the platform on merchants "alternative" request, ban merchants set up shop in other competitive platform or platform to participate in promotional activities, and with the help of the rules of market forces, platform and data, algorithms and other technical means, take a variety of rewards and punishments measures to guarantee execution "alternative" requirement, Maintain and enhance their own market power and gain unfair competitive advantages.

The investigation shows that Alibaba Group's implementation of the "one or the other" behavior excludes and limits the competition in the service market of online retail platforms in China, impedes the free circulation of goods, services and resources, affects the innovative development of platform economy, infringes the legitimate rights and interests of merchants on the platform, and damages the interests of consumers. Paragraph 1 (4) of Article 17 of the Anti-Monopoly Law prohibits the abuse of dominant market position by "limiting the counterparty to trade with the counterparty without justifying reasons".

In accordance with the provisions of Article 47 and Article 49 of the Anti-Monopoly Law, and taking into account the nature, extent and duration of Alibaba Group's illegal acts, the State Administration for Market Regulation made an administrative punishment decision on April 10, 2021, ordering Alibaba Group to cease its illegal acts. It also imposed a fine of 4 percent of its 2019 sales in China of 455.712 billion yuan, totaling 18.228 billion yuan. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of combining punishment with education in the Administrative Punishment Law, it issued the Administrative Guidance to Alibaba Group, requiring it to make comprehensive rectification in strictly implementing the main responsibility of enterprises on the platform, strengthening internal control and compliance management, maintaining fair competition, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of merchants and consumers on the platform. In addition, it has submitted self-inspection compliance reports to the State Administration of Market Supervision for three consecutive years.

Source: Xinhua News Agency, ShishuoXinyu






Meituan again lost for unfair competition New anti-unfair competition law apply to food delivery for the first time
美团再因不正当竞争败诉 新反法互联网专条首次适用外卖领域

Apirl 15, 2021


According to Cailian Press April 14, 2021, the Huai 'an Intermediate People's Court in Jiangsu province has ruled on unfair competition by Meituan.

This case is the first case of infringement of unfair competition in the food delivery sector identified in Article 12 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China, which came into effect on January 1, 2018.

Beijing SanKuai Technology Co Ltd (Meituan) will pay 352,000 yuan in compensation to Shanghai Lazarus Information Technology Co Ltd (Ele. me), according to the civil judgment.

Source: Cailian Press

Apirl 15, 2021




Top penalty 2 million Yuan! Beijing penalizes 360 search for false illegal advertising case

April 14, 2021

On April 13, 2021, the Beijing Bureau of Market Supervision completed the investigation into the case of false illegal advertisements published by 360 Search, which was exposed by the CCTV March 15 Gala, and made a fine of 2 million yuan of administrative punishment decision to Beijing Haosoudianjing technology Co., Ltd.



After investigation, the advertising agency involved in the process of acting and uploading advertising, need to submit the "360 Dianjing software" to Beijing Haosoudianjing technology Co., Ltd. It can only be released after approval. However, the company did not implement the advertising review and release system, and did not check the content of the published advertising, resulting in the release of false illegal advertising. The above behavior of the company has violated the relevant provisions of Article 4, Article 28 and Article 34 of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China, and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision has made a penalty decision of RMB 2 million on the company according to Article 55 of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China. Related advertising agents suspected of illegal case clues have been transferred to the local market supervision departments.


Source: National Business Daily




Yuanqi Forest apologizes for promoting 0 sugar

On April 10, 2021, Yuanqi Forest issued an apology statement on its official Weibo account, saying that the difference between "0 sugar" and "0 sucrose" was not stated in the logo and promotion of milk tea products, which could easily lead to misunderstanding among consumers. The packaging of most of the forest milk tea produced since February 4 and all of the forest milk tea produced since March 18 has been changed from the original "0 sucrose and low fat" to "low sugar and low fat". The raw materials of all the forest milk tea produced since March 20 no longer contain crystalline fructose.

At the same time, Yuan Qi forest reminds a way: "milk tea has milk so it has sugar."

Founded in 2016, Yuanqi Forest quickly occupied the market and became the domestic web celebrity beverage brand with 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories, high appearance level products and multi-channel marketing. On April 9, Yuanqi Forest completed a new round of financing at a post-financing valuation of $6 billion. In just 4 years, Yuanqi Forest has achieved a soaring valuation from 0 to tens of billions of yuan.

Source: EqualOcean



2021年4月10日,元气森林在其官方微博发布致歉声明称,在乳茶产品标识和宣传中,没有说明“0糖”和“0蔗糖”的区别,容易造成消费者误解。自2月4日起生产的大部分元气森林乳茶和自3月18日生产的全部元气森林乳茶,包装从原来的“0蔗糖 低脂肪”改为“低糖 低脂肪”,从3月20日起生产的全部元气森林乳茶,原料中不再含有结晶果糖。









The IP Industry Outlook 2021 was released

April 14, 2021


On April 2, 2021, intellectual property service provider NovumIP released the IP Industry Outlook 2021.

The report is based on interviews with more than 500 IP professionals around the world. The main survey is as follows:

  1. The biggest challenges facing the IP industry, including how the outbreak affects access to and management of IP portfolios;
  2. Priorities for IP investment in 2021 and beyond, including areas where IP professionals want the IP industry to develop;
  3. The role of IP service providers, including opportunities for suppliers to enhance their products and services to better serve IP departments and law firms;
  4. The impact of industry consolidation on IP professionals, including IP professionals' views on IP management technologies, costs, future priorities, etc. 

According to the report, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic change in the way IP professionals manage their patent and trademark portfolios, which most IP professionals are optimistic about as the IP industry consolidates and becomes more globally integrated. But the main concern is that IP owners and their advisers are facing the need to find more effective ways to address their portfolio management challenges while focusing on the long-term strategic value of IP.

To address these challenges, the report identifies three key pain points for patentees in the post-epidemic era: adding value to the IP portfolio, reassessing IP strategies and technologies, and reducing costs and complexity.




2021年4月2日,知识产权服务商NovumIP发布2021知识产权行业展望报告(IP Industry Outlook 2021)。









LG and SK have settled a multi-billion dollar dispute over electric car batteries

April 13, 2021


LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation have resolved a multibillion dollar trade secrets dispute over electric vehicle (EV) batteries, sidestepping a USITC decision that would have barred SK from importing its batteries into the US.

In a joint statement from the two South Korean companies, LG and SK announced they will be dropping all litigation and have signed a non-assertion agreement covering the US or South Korea for the next ten years.

As part of the agreement, SK will pay LG ₩2 trillion ($1.8 billion), comprising several lump-sum payments as well as running royalty fees.

"LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation have decided to settle to compete in an amicable way, all for the future of the US and South Korean electric vehicle battery industries," said Jong Hyun Kim, CEO and President of LG Energy Solution and Jun Kim, CEO and President of SK Innovation.

The decision handed down from the US International Trade Commission (USITC) in February, ruled that SK Innovation had violated key LG battery patents and hit SK with a ten-year import ban on its batteries into the US.

This decision would have severely disrupted business for automakers planning to build vehicles in the US—including Ford and Volkswagen—who had struck deals with SK to supply EV batteries.

Source: World IP Review

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LG能源解决方案(LG Energy Solution)和SK创新(SK Innovation)解决了一项涉及电动汽车(EV)电池的数十亿美元商业秘密纠纷,绕开了美国国际贸易委员会(USITC)禁止SK向美国进口电池的决定。



LG能源解决方案首席执行官兼总裁Jong Hyun Kim和SK创新首席执行官兼总裁Jun Kim表示:“LG能源解决方案和SK创新已经决定以友好的方式竞争,这一切都是为了美国和韩国电动汽车电池行业的未来。”



来源: 世界知识产权评论


Suzhou: A sample city for industrial upgrading

April 14,. 2021


Suzhou: fertile land for innovation breeds industrial upgrading

The world-renowned "Made in Suzhou" has laid a solid foundation for the development of Suzhou. The gross industrial output value above scale has been ranked among the top three in China. The accumulation of scientific and technological innovation has brought new vitality to Suzhou's take-off. The output value of high-tech industry and strategic emerging industry accounted for 50.9% and 55.7% respectively. There are nearly ten thousand high-tech enterprises in Suzhou. Suzhou leads the country in the fields of bio-medicine, new-generation information technology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The output value of the four leading industries reached 871.8 billion yuan, up 11.5% year on year, among which the output value of the bio-medicine industry reached 118.7 billion yuan. Traditionally, Suzhou has focused on labor-intensive industries and concentrated efforts on industrial transformation and upgrading, with remarkable performance.

Protection of intellectual property is protection of innovation: three-dimensional protection builds "green wall"

Suzhou has actively explored the work mechanism and system construction of intellectual property protection, strengthened intellectual property protection in the whole chain and protected the innovative development of enterprises from the aspects of improving the protection system, strengthening the supervision of law enforcement and increasing the punishment of infringement. The recently issued Measures on Strengthening IPR Protection and Promoting Pilot Trial in the Yangtze River Delta Ecological and Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone is also an innovative practice to explore the concept of "not breaking administrative subordination and breaking administrative boundaries".

Suzhou has made remarkable achievements in intellectual property, with a number of intellectual property indicators leading Jiangsu Province. A number of work in the field of intellectual property has been carried out first in the whole country:

  • It was approved to take the lead in the construction of a pilot technical support system for the inspection and identification of IPR infringement disputes in China; 
  • Establish and operate the only intellectual property operation guide fund among prefecture-level cities in China; 
  • An intellectual property service center for listing enterprises will be established. 

The China Intellectual Property Conference was held in Suzhou: to add a spark to the high quality development of Suzhou.

On November 8, 2021, CIPAC warmly invites you to join us!

Source: CIPAC










● 获批在全国率先开展知识产权侵权纠纷检验鉴定技术支撑体系建设试点;

● 设立运作全国地级市中唯一的知识产权运营引导基金;

● 成立企业上市知识产权服务中心。




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