the 34th Issue: Imitation leads to innovation

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 34 Foward       Subscription    Feb. 4, 2010

·Youku, Tudou ink video-swap agreement
Former rivals lock arms in effort to fend off new market players. Two major video-sharing websites reached an unusual deal yesterday, agreeing to share a portion of their video libraries with each other, as part of an effort to fend off new competition from new market players. Former rivals Youku and Tudou, China's two largest Youtube-like sites, said they have agreed to share soap-opera videos that previously streamed exclusively on their separate websites.More

·Imitation leads to innovation
Shanzhai culture will power China forward with fresh ideas and innovative thinking. This is not a statement you will hear very often. Instead, the general feeling is the complete opposite, that shanzhai products kill creativity and are little more than brainless copies of existing ideas. So let's be clear here - my phone is shanzhai and definitely not innovative.More

China has more influence in inter. IP issues and reinforces cooperation
With the deepening of international communication and cooperation, China has much more influences in international intellectual property (IP) issues, said Director of Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) Tian Lipu in his report on February 1 at the national meeting for directors of intellectual property offices across China.More

WIPO intends to publish "Report on Copyright Protection of Nantong Textile"

Recently, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) of United Nations finished the special investigation on Nantong Textile City, and will release "Report on Copyright Protection of Nantong Textile" to the world in the first quarter of this year. This is the first time for special research of WIPO in a country's specific regions and industries, aiming at summing up the experiences and practices of intellectual property.More
·11th Chinese Patent Awards issued

China IP Articles

·Being a Good Assistant-- An interview with the CSC Executive Deputy President Zhang Xiuping Issue 34 By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Copyright]
On November 20-21, the Annual Conference of China Copyright 2009 was hosted by the Copyright Society of China (CSC) under the guidance of the State Copyright Bureau (SCB). This follows last year’s first successful annual conference on copyright. Eleven people, including famous movie director Feng Xiaogang, reputed actor Jiang Kun, the influential CEO of Tencent Corporation Chen Yidan and author of children works Yang Hongying, were selected as the “Influential Persons of China’s Copyright Industry 2009”.

·Cultural & Creative Industry Viewed from ICCIE  Issue 34
By Sara Yan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
The 4th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) concluded on November 29. Nearly 100 exhibitions, forums, promotions and trade fairs, creative activities and art performances attracted 430,000 visitors, making it the largest ICCIE ever held. Just as economist Li Wuwei once pointed out, the creative industry is a warm current amid the economic winter.


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