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the 170th Issue: National campaign to be launched to promote IP awareness2013/04/27 the 169th Issue:China further extends the scale of IPR pledge financing2013/04/18 the 168th Issue:Drug maker Novartis loses India patent battle2013/04/15 the 167th Issue: China to Further Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights Protection2013/03/29 the 166th Issue: Four China IP regulations effective from March 12013/03/21 the 165th Issue:China's European patent filings on the rise: report2013/03/14 the 164th Issue:SIPO released data on China’s invention patent grants in 20122013/03/07 the 163rd Issue:Report on “Survey on Global IP Service Agencies with Chinese Business” and IP Service Agencies Recommendation2013/02/21 the 162nd Issue:GE: China now 3rd most innovative country2013/01/31 the 161st Issue: PCT applications handled by SIPO up 14%2013/01/24 the 160th Issue: China Tops Global Invention Patent Filings2013/01/17 the 159th Issue:2012 Music Copyright Protection and Industry Development Forum kicked off2012/12/27 the 158th Issue: WWF awards for innovative 'Climate Solver China' firms2012/12/20 the 157th Issue: Global IP Filings Continue to Grow, China Tops Global Patent Filings2012/12/14 the 156th Issue: Biotechnology organization sees IP rights essential2012/11/29 the 155th Issue: China: applications for new variety right of plant exceeded 10,0002012/11/22 the 154th Issue: Growing center for international tech transfer in Haidian2012/11/15 the 153rd Issue: Tech Advances Give Museums Wow Factor2012/11/08 the 152nd Issue: China and innovation: some myths to dispel2012/11/01 the 151st Issue: SURVEY ON GLOBAL IP SERVICE AGENCIES KICKS OFF2012/10/25 the 150th Issue: Cisco-Huawei Dispute Could Threaten Cisco's Expansion into Chinese Markets2012/10/22 the 149th Issue: China can produce. Can China create?2012/10/12 the 145th Issue: Trademark Law: 30 years of influence and impact2012/09/21 the 148th Issue: Historic Patent Reform Implemented by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office2012/09/21 the 147th Issue: Wen: Equal treatment, enhanced IPR2012/09/14 the 146th Issue: Patent bottlenecks in most undeveloped nations2012/09/06 the 144th Issue: Collaborations with Chinese companies – the importance of protecting your intellectual property2012/08/23 the 143rd Issue: Made in China still strong2012/08/16 the 142nd Issue: Chinese companies need to know and use their IP rights2012/08/09 the 141st Issue: China:received patent applications and patent grants both increased2012/08/02